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  1. Oke , If you say so , even if you are The Lord Himself : stay polite .🙊
  2. I don´t think so ; deep cleaning and fix all the little items that are broken , its like leave the place in good condition
  3. Strange , first Derek out and Serena in ,Serena out and Nina in then .....all out or Kira & Emily out and Nina in !🙂
  4. cleaning before relocation ?????
  5. Oké , I understand , or you didn see the hole action , or you are perverted enough to enjoy the scene !!
  6. If you don't see that this man is mentally retarded, then there is something wrong with you, this is pure abuse !!!
  7. I wonder if the boy realizes that he is coming on the internet, if he realizes that there are cameras, that he is ultimately used to lure viewers. he is of age but he is certainly not mentally, conclusion ..... abuse ........
  8. Nothing interesting too see ! tease and tease and then in the bedroom undercover and sleep . Like twitterguy say : spend the night .
  9. oooh yes , 4 or 5 rounds of fuck threesome , keep that girl !!
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