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  1. It won't be until today. Packing everything back up!
  2. Is Rachel the performer formerly known as Funny ?
  3. That is comparing apples to pears.
  4. What idiots !! In bath with electricity on the edge of the bath !!!! Are they really unaware of the dangers ???
  5. She looked pissed because she was not allowed to participate in the fun, not a trio !!
  6. Don't underestimate Stewie, he always comes back before disappearing again
  7. A few days ago an "insider" said that Lola & Otto would no longer do threesomes or swingers !! That will then be a self-proclaimed insider. I can do it that way too!
  8. I know it's wrong app, but because of the connection with Sina ..... what happened to Jules ??
  9. The one who only wears clothes to go outside !!
  10. Mr shitty cams brought in a replacement: Volga. Looks solid, just like the car brand, not a doll but a real woman, at first sight!
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