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  1. Fortunately I was not really attached to Vita yet, the loss will be easy!
  2. Vita is packing , end of story even before it was begin .
  3. Fortunately, not everyone has such narrow-minded ideas, the girl apparently didn't mind, even remained friendly and after visiting the bathroom, just continued with the job. If she's okay, why the narrow-minded comment !?
  4. Nothing wrong with that. Sperm is not a poison, according to some studies it is even healthy !!
  5. What you call a 'bit strange' !!!!!!😁
  6. What is going on here? They used to wake up regularly, now they sleep for 20 hours straight.
  7. Must be a habit in the former Eastern Bloc, almost all of them do it!
  8. First a good fuck , then a very good naked fight !!!😁
  9. Why does beard hair grow in older women ??? To easily find the first chin !!!
  10. where are all the protesters .......... men's health matters
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