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  1. *** He's with the tall, long-haired, very thin woman, Nelly [bordering on anorexic appearance], she's his wife (or live-in girlfriend - not sure which). Cockblocking? No ... Some say RLC have given him a managerial role at B4 (possible). Some of the male viewers are 'jealous' of him (quite understandable). In the past, I've seen comments about him, saying that he's a handsome and fit guy (I assume those comments were submitted by the tiny percentage of female viewers here).
  2. *** I know what you mean ... I don't know who more than half of the girls are at the B's (i.e. which is which), and I don't really care that much. Why the hell RLC don't put up named thumbnail pics of the girls (and pets), beats me - they've never been very informative, even to their subscribers. As regards Bogdan, he's easy to spot, he's the only male at B4 (just look for the tall guy with the modern trendy hairstyle).
  3. Mark Thompson said: - he is becoming more creepy.... leering at Holly while she and Nelly stretch.... trying to impress her by taking of his shirt (once Nelly leaves ) and do a pointless handstand ...then some lame ?Karate type kicks, and standing facing her stretching his toes (come on) so he can justify being beside Holly.... it's all too creepy.... it becomes another one of these uncomfortable, older man leering at the young hot body .... creepy!!! Bogdan must go naggachilli2 said: - Like us you mean...😀 --------------------------------------
  4. I hope nooooo !!! *** It's true, I've checked my crystal ball, and there will be a naked gym session with the girls, cumi coming up very soon, I saw Bogdan in the thick of it (full bithday suit) acting as gym coach. But hey! My crystal ball's been wrong in the past. There's still some hope, so just keep watching that gym space! 🧐 🤞
  5. That B4 villa seems to be like one of those extravagant Hollywood cribs - has its very own in-house gym, wow! Saw it being used for the first time. Bogdan's sure got some very smooth moves going on there - a mean, lean, survival machine 😯. Gotta keep his strength up, with a wife and three kids to keep in check. 🏋️‍
  6. Wow, what a night it's been at B4 - table-top games and general merriment, and even a karaoke session (as one member has already mentioned), a good time was had by all. There's no doubt that N&B have brought a steadying influence to this sometimes-riotous abode. They have selflessly given of their time to keep others entertained, it's so heartening to see.🥳 [Is this tongue-in-cheek, or what?]
  7. *** This relates to the girls in Barcelona, and the dangers they're facing, it's highly relevant, infinitely more important than your selfish sexual desires - if you cared about the health and lives of these girls you would get your mind of the sex and start thinking about the #1 problem in the world right now, COVID. You are covid-denial trolling here. If you don't want me coming back at you, stop replying. We'll never agree on this subject.
  8. *** Not a thread for an old sado who covets young girls, who wouldn't give him a glance.
  9. *** Yeah, you'd like it to be a thread to suit sad old letches like you ... Covid's the new kid in town, Buster!
  10. *** Yes, the truth is starting to hurt now. You can't get a woman of your own, so you you have to letch on these young girls - sad, and very very desperate. I can only feel sorry for you, and sorry for those girls who have an old sado leering at them. 😁 👎
  11. *** Oh, so the deadly virus is 'nonsense' ... 1.06 million dead ! Some people don't want to read your disgusting little sexual comments about girls, who are way your junior.
  12. *** 'HOLLY BATING' Christ, is this all you have to say ! Is this all you can think about ! 1.06 million people have died, and all you can think about is 'Holly bating' ... you don't give a damn whether, Holly (whoever she is) lives or dies, as long as you get your sexual kicks, that's all that matters. Hang your head in shame.
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