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  1. I stated that I'm not innocent of complaint. My complaint here though is the extent and ferocity of the attacks on a particular participant. I don't see anything like this on any of the other forums. There's a difference between having a quick grumble, and brutal character assassination. Slagging Ken off to Barbie's face when she entered the conversation in good faith is just plain nasty. It's not on. Bad form.
  2. It's just the persistence of the thing that gets to me. everyone can take a few knocks. It's hard to defend yourself or deal with it when it's relentless. And yeah, I do speak from experience. You can't laugh something off if the blade that's been shoved in is just being twisted every day. Anyway. I'm not going to dwell. I'm taking myself off to watch something I don't have to think about on youtube. Lost my appetite for all this.
  3. He's only fucked off because Donovan turned up at Still's place. otherwise he'd still be here blathering on as though he's an innocent party. This kind of shit is why kids commit suicide. They think they'll be famous, that it'll be a breeze and then they get this kind of abuse non-stop. I'm sorry if this has turned uglier, I just had to say something. Enough is enough.
  4. My point is that it's one thing to take an occasional swipe, but this forum is just endless barracking. I don't claim to be innocent of swiping, I don't like Scott, I've made it plain. I don't spend hours repeatedly reiterating it like a madman railing at windmills. but you'll just claim that you're being victimised because that's what bullies do. Abdicating responsibility and blaming everyone but yourself when the finger is pointed. It's the behaviour of a coward.
  5. You are so tacky. You, Sonnenhoch and budda. All very, very tacky. Nothing better to do than wage a campaign of hate against a college kid. Pretty pathetic. Pages and pages of grown men bitching like little girls. Sad. It's not funny, it's not tongue in cheek, it's not even clever. Just sad and pathetic.
  6. I'm still hoping Matt returns in a new apartment with a different girl and they stay disconnected from this hive of apartments. I've no time for Nikki, Gretta, Marta, Velociraptor, Moolan, Elza, Alikusya, Charly, Dora, Bolly wolly nolly, or whatever their names are, or anyone else in this weird incestuous conglomeration of nests. No time at all for them.
  7. Stifie needs to de-saturate his TV. Far too much contrast and saturation. And I'm looking at it through a crappy cam. God knows how bad it is in reality. and watching TV in the dark isn't good for those eyes. Crazy little monster. Oh he's lovely. I could just eat him up. I really could.
  8. well I'm not one to dump on ken but I've just seen him fold a blanket and my OCD kicked in. How can anyone not know how to fold a blanket? Corners to corners in half each fold. it's like the simplest thing ever. I'm having breathing difficulties from the way he just casually threw the thing into a bundle. Someone open a window, I need air. Do parents not teach their kids anything these days?
  9. He's watching soap opera while checking cams somewhere, while being on cam in a huge soap opera. That's a bit 'Inception'. You couldn't make this up if you tried.
  10. Scott isn't going anywhere, he had wonder boy fixing the cabling last night. It's possible kimi and katrin would move on. they aren't named on the apartment. Though she seems happier mooching at other people places than having her own apartment. Kimi could hack his own place with or without Katrin. He has brain enough. Katrin though, I just don't see it. She's too fucking lazy. They can't all stay cooped up in this matchbox though. And with Scott there you just wouldn't. he has all the sophistication of a slug.
  11. Stifler there like some oil painting 'Apollo reclining by Snoticelli' lol bless him. I'd paint him, boudoir art. he poses well I'll give him that. Beautiful little monkey.
  12. It's a form of possessive jealousy. Insecurity driven. If Dylan gets a steady girl he loses his mate. Therefore if he sabotages Dylan's efforts it's likely the girl will back off and leave Dylan to Connor. although that can backfire if Dylan chooses the girl. with the amount they've necked tonight it's highly unlikely that Dylan can get it up. now that he's horizontal he'll just fall asleep. He wanted bed a lot earlier. he's not a night owl by nature. drink less, get the girl there sooner, get the shag out of the way and then do the drinking. they're all ass backwards these kids.
  13. Oh, there was some action after all. Fancy that.
  14. Hmmmm. Something smells fishy here. And I don't mean Connor's cock. I sense shenanigans. I'm just not certain what sort. I mean Who the **** are these people anyway?! And why won't they turn off that ******* annoying globe light? It's all too much. I'm going out for a time. Don't wait up.
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