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  1. He mostly likes sex. Messing around with cams comes a distant second. Right @seb1986 ?
  2. Now that you have moved here Diana and Joana must be getting some respite 😃. I thought you will like this place. All girls ... though nothing has happened as yet.
  3. Just kidding. I get your point and I get Ed's point as well. I just think they are either careless or they don't care. If they know the door affects the Cam, they need to be careful or call Jeka. Since, as mentioned here , they were in RLC, I don't see why they would want to take out the bathroom cam intentionally.
  4. Jabs seems to be on a mission 🙂 . I would say give them 2 weeks before deciding whether they deserve to stay. That Nuni girl doesn't look bad.
  5. Which one is Nuni and Diane ? I assume Diane goes for marathon pees if she needs to charge her phone while peeing 🤣
  6. New apartment .. same old undie games ??
  7. She is not even good looking. I wonder how these people get an apartment. Hope she has good contacts and can bring in good looking and non-boring guests. The girl is PJ seems playful.
  8. That Yuna lady is so boring. The whole time she is stuck to her mobile and acting as if she is doing the other 3 a favor just by being there.
  9. The guest couple seems to be like the blondie at Dayana's apt and her non-fucker boyfriend. All touchy-feely but zero sex. Will give him a few days more though before he gets certified as non-fucker.
  10. He may just be visiting to give them an invitation to be non-participating viewers on his next orgy party. Btw the cam angles on the kitchen table is horrible. It's difficult to check all the people through a single cam.
  11. The way he is relaxing with an extension cord on his chest in the above pic, I assumed he might not be the sharpest tool in the box 🙂
  12. Same here. I too hope he doesn't get hooked to her but she has such a naughty smile, won't blame him. Man, we are cruel !!!!
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