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  1. OK sooner or later something is going to blow here .....generally Linda may bate twice a year [that we would see] and now at least twice a week and videoed. Living on the phone and the majority of times in different rooms. None of the videos are going on Only Fans and nothing much being added to T's facebook page nor L's photography FB page. Nothing added to Twitter or Instagram. So all this self filming is for another person rather than a website and So T buys her a toy or did she bring it home? Or are we all being reeled into to one big marketing con, all this this is premeditated/plann
  2. Looks like Linda picked up a new toy going through Duty Free. Already had a test drive and it works in under two minutes. Looking forward to seeing more of this.
  3. You go on holiday as a couple unless you intend to have a bit of a fling and I bet she's banging like a bunny right now [somewhere in Turkey] and who knows what will happen when she gets back to the apartment. To me Tibor is getting a bit of a drag not to mention the silly haircuts and they seem to spend less and lees time in the same room and we all know she loves her phone. All that said I think I could be quite happy with Linda being a singles apartment
  4. Looks like i'm the only one left, so better ask for the link please
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