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  1. She fucks everyone very easily.
  2. I don't wanna see you guys. Please cover your heads too.
  3. Your level of talking is down. keep that level and you will loose your right hand before you loose your mind.
  4. Its a shame. Nowadays they do everything to earn some coins. But she is a very attractive girl, and if i could i would take care of her. Oh Yes.
  5. Its only for me or i guess this the best VHT girl. Perfect body and pretty face.
  6. Hi. Some questions who someone knows about and might give the answer: Does Leora will stay alone in the apartment? Is this temporary or Paul will join her in the future with the dog? Thanks
  7. If she is alone why not to move her to Masha's apartment?
  8. It was awesome send Leora and Paul to this apartment.
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