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  1. nagachilli that's true. AND Amina has just turned and given Danaya a prolonged kiss on the cheek. We may yet see fireworks before the 5th of November.
  2. One thing IS a certainty. IF they delay too long with that much alcohol in all their systems very little will happen and it will all fizzle out. That is not unknown with Nora's party organisation track record. On the other hand IF Nora has given them the hard word about performance then they will all try especially hard and Danaya is making overtures to Amina (in a very gently testing kind of way). Danaya can be quite subtle when she is not too drunk.
  3. Oldstalker


    The combination would/may/could conceivably be very different tonight. Mary has 2 toyboys in the L/R; so instead of MFF it is not impossible there could be MMF tonight. Then again, there could be NO action. Probability 60:40 against.
  4. Thinking about pairings for anything other than collective games; Karol and her boyfriend are an obvious shoe-in, but then Amina's past interest has always been in Karol (or Kim when in B3). Nora has her hooks more obviously into Irma, despite spending a long time chatting with Danaya in her room this afternoon BUT - that was probably largely business talk. Amina has not shown any intense interest in either Irma or Danaya in the past so her options are limited by "the Queen Bee's " choice of a subsequent playmate. We may therefore not see anything terribly spectacular tonight. But I am so often wrong, and of one thing there is no doubt; all of the girls here tonight are capable of superb action if their individual moods are right. I am already wrong because Amina is already fiddling and handling Karol in the presence of her boyfriend - that then depends upon their willingness for a 3some - but so far NO inclination shown.........But then tequila in quantity????
  5. Welcome to the threads and this forum inxsex. I see you have been a member for longer than I have! I confess I perceived the absence of Irma and Danaya recently PURELY as a polite and helpful way to give Karol and her boyfriend more space and privacy within the flat. Yes it helped to re-engage the other Barcelona flats one with another but my impression was the primary purpose was a lack of "gooseberries" at B1.
  6. Do you (everybody may answer this) think that this is a future planning meeting? Perhaps Nora may even be offering "introduction money" to the longer, and multiply serving participants, eg Irma and Danaya, for future participants who will play in front of us? It is pure speculation but it would absolutely not surprise me. Nora has her laptop out, as well as her jotter pad, so they are planning and plotting future events and possible timings.
  7. Getting even older, NO wiser, but should move houses shortly to a bigger better one! Happy (as always)! Thanks.
  8. Thank you Oh Wise One. How are you and are you in the very far north or nearer home at the moment?
  9. Is it me or am I correct in thinking Nora has made many more appearances in the flats [B1, B3 and B4 - I never watch the 3Ks] this late summer and early autumn than for at least 2 years past? I certainly have seen more of her than last year unquestionably apart from that brief stint when she returned to stay in B1.
  10. Oldstalker

    Chris & Dana

    In bed with Chris in the L/R.
  11. Oldstalker

    Zack & Blonde

    Courtney is definitely not into the rough housing and horse-play; she disliked having the collar and lead around her neck and seems less than wholly happy here this evening. By contrast Heather seems to be up for the rougher play but will probably back out (as usual) when that play becomes more serious.
  12. Oldstalker

    Molly & Jeff

    Good gif jabbath and thanks for ALL the caps from all followers of this thread.
  13. Oldstalker

    Chris & Dana

    Willow ?? may?? now reciprocate and certainly she is pushing her hands under Dana's clothes.Dana is making it easier for her and removed her own top after Willow suckled her tits through the material.
  14. Oldstalker

    Chris & Dana

    I get the impression this is a new pairing; Dana is being very gentle with Willow who has made no attempt thus far to remove Dana's clothing.
  15. Oldstalker

    Chris & Dana

    She arrived earlier today to Dana and Chris' flat differently dressed then the 2 ladies went out (?shopping??) and returned this afternoon. On arrival her hair was in braids and she had a "Vee" designed top on in red, white and blue! I did not note the precise time.