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  1. 2330 Axel and Antonia are at Mira and Henry's; they arrived earlier in the evening. I wonder if Felicia will appear (on her own)? [Afternote]; Athena is now there also; this might prove interesting yet. [Re-edit]; and another couple (previous visitors) have turned up also.
  2. Personally I am sad. Felicia and Felix were drifting a little further apart and they probably chose the correct moment to determine their own personal futures. I hope it is together, but fear it may not be so. Whatever life may bring them G*d speed and Good Luck to them both.
  3. 2335 Felix has now arrived but without Felicia. I wonder if she will be visited at home by beardo; I suspect probably not as I think his (Beardo's) wife will preclude it. I am so often wrong.
  4. 2200 Athena, the English teacher, and her man are visiting again. Athena has swapped shirts with Henry after he did a shot off her left boob. Since then another younger couple have arrived. I do not recognise them but that does not mean they are necessarily new.
  5. 0245 Another couple arrive; I have seen the before at Mira and Henry's flat. She is certainly dressed appropriately to start the party's second round. How long before Henry tries a shot from her body? Afternote: 8 Minutes - pretty good going Henry.
  6. 0150 I do believe that this time Maddie and Jasper really are leaving. The remainder forms a more manageable number.
  7. The departure of Jasper and Maddie (she seems to have been "out of sorts" all evening) will have reduced the number of people to permit more activity from those remaining. Interesting to see how many more will go, in the females' attempts to evade Henry's wandering hands, and tongue when doing shots, in the next few minutes. I wonder if Felix will drive Maddie and Jasper home and stay there with them? He (Felix) was not drinking with the others so may be designated driver. [Afternote- I have reverted to form and got it wrong - Felix has just reappeared.] 0054 Second Afternote - and now Maddie and Jasper have reappeared. I was doubly wrong.
  8. There may be more guests going to appear yet; perhaps not only lady-in-blue's man so if so there may be too many sausages ! [or simply people to make for a comfortable and active party]. Felix and Felicia have not come home yet ( unusually late for them- could be away for the evening/night/weekend but they are also on the occasional invite list to M & H. [Re-edit] Good G*d; I got something right for a change but................forgot that Felicia would want her boyfriend and his wife along also!
  9. Charles did some pretty neat and skilful magic tricks with "solid steel" rings this afternoon. The guy has some talent there.
  10. Do you guys think this is a "preparatory " for Athena and her man to join in an evening of fun another time, or to join the whole VHTV thing??
  11. I am unsure. She has certainly visited this pair before.........but very little happened then.
  12. https://twitter.com/voyeurhouse_tv/status/1241685011402764288/photo/1 Ruta looks much better with her hair shorter, highlighted and she also looks more relaxed. It's good to see her again.
  13. Without knowledge of the language it is impossible to say but I think the guests who are leaving are telling Jakar that he is in the wrong this time.
  14. Regretfully true; but some have wished she would leave him for some time now. I was not amongst them as until now I had not seen his temper at first hand.
  15. Lilka is now being comforted by the taller blonde in the bathroom; more likely to be terminal this time than previous occasions.
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