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  1. 0040 There's some fun on now between these two girls. Or it could be going to be a big yawnfest .............But I think they may be pausing to get more viewers. 😃
  2. Apollo got the hand replacement treatment from the guest lady when he tried to handle her thigh 😜.
  3. 2104 and now Felix has landed at the flat; he has form with Athena (not just as the receiver of English lessons) so this could be the start of the more exciting part of their evening.
  4. I see that a number of the freecams have been restored agin. Here, Mia and Ragnar, Jasper and Maddie, Mira and Henry etc are visible in their Living Rooms again.
  5. Unusually I shall take issue with you on that; misdemeanours and violations of rules (violence or drugs [but not minors] ) get reported here and for all I know elsewhere so even if the live broadcast or replay is stopped or withdrawn the fact of the incident is still known. I know I am "pissing in the wind" but I believe VHTV do themselves no good by this.
  6. That is true; it's the business model but my point remains that by showing kitchen cameras only (generally) then there may well be VERY long periods with nothing for the prospective member to watch except perhaps the thumbnails to show them that which they are missing.
  7. Have the tenants revolted collectively? In a number of the flats/realms the free camera numbers have been reduced to one , or restricted - eg Lydia and Loki, Sofia and Mickey, Jasper and Maddie, Mira and Henry It's a sad state of affairs but I suppose VHTV will say they made an offer on short-term membership before the change. It does not endear them or encourage people to take on membership if they were undecided before to see things further restricted.
  8. But it's only 1830 in New York yet; they may want the Americans to be able to watch also on a Friday evening.
  9. Andrew and Krista are leaving and I suspect also Chad and Alexandra. Alexandra has been making eyes at Andrew all evening so they may go home so that she can get some! That will get us down to the hardcore of recent parties at Sergio and Melissa's flat. I am sure Sofia will have some plan for undressing the remainder after drink and smoke breaks, no doubt.
  10. We (or at least I am) are waiting for the girls to be baptised topless also. It may...... take some time to come around. 😁
  11. 2150 Balloon bouncing; 40 something years ago we used to play a similar game with a sheet and a feather. With everyone holding the sheet up to their necks, if the feather was blown, by the folk opposite you, between you and an adjacent person then you both had to remove an article of clothing. With big lungs I was never naked, nor sadly the girls on either side of me.
  12. 1844 Sofia and Mickey and Sergio and Melissa have now populated the flat! The latter pair on a temporary basis one presumes but in anticipation of an opening party??
  13. New flat for Sofia and "Karim 2" now to be known as Mickey. Presumably managed by ?? @StnCld316 as jabbath would say, "Please do the thing?" as you always do.
  14. I do not think he "is the sharpest knife in the drawer". 😄
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