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  1. Oldstalker

    Sina & Jules (2019) Part #1

    NOT yet! It will be interesting to see how Alan's new girl gets on?
  2. Oldstalker

    Sina & Jules (2019) Part #1

    2325 A few of the girls clothes have begun to come off after a long slow day!
  3. She has been cleaning because she, stupidly, put 2 long-stem glasses of milk on the bottom ledge of the fridge door. When she subsequently opened it one fell out smashing on the floor and bomb-bursting milk everywhere around the kitchen door. Consequently she had to reclean that which she did this morning.
  4. THANKS = Big Thanks, Franck for uploading the caps of a rare public event in this apartment.
  5. Oldstalker

    Lisa & Grant (2019) Part #1

    Having missed all of the action all I can say to those who recorded and uploaded caps - "all the usual suspects" - Sparkles, jabbath and jjkopite is (and anyone else who uploaded whom I have missed), on behalf of all of us a BIG THANK YOU for recording and displaying such a fun and eventful night.
  6. When those who do not regularly drink have even smaller quantities of spirits then sometimes, just sometimes, they can go farther than they normally would do so; Karina has done that by being naked in the bath with Frank there also but no way would Jenn have allowed it if she did not feel superior in the pecking order to Karina, or that Karina represented any form of threat.
  7. UNUSUALLY Karina is drinking whisky and coke this evening rather than wine or soft drinks; that for her is a major advance/difference!
  8. Where has Daisy gone? She was there the last time I looked in to see but I cannot see her either at B1 or B3.
  9. BUT that does not make me less grateful for the caps, THANKS. 🤙
  10. 2036 I admire Bonnie being naked in front of today's (clothed) guests in the kitchen.
  11. Oldstalker

    Dana & Chris (2019) Part #1

    Ramona was there again on her own this afternoon with Dana and Chris but although she watched Dana doing some webcamming she did not participate other than a brief kiss and nipple suck.
  12. First Happy New Year everyone here; may you have a happy, prosperous and above all healthy 2019 [with many viewing pleasures here also. Bonnie and Clyde have been working hard, in series and in parallel, on this evening's young lady visitor to try to get her to dance with fewer clothes on and now Clyde has been working on her, mainly in the bathroom, where she has at last dropped her fancy mask, let her hair down, and changed into a partially see-through dress. We shall all have to see how far they get with her. She has been pacing herself drinking only moderately thus far and has at moments been a little uptight, as when Clyde raised Bonnie's dress to expose her boobs, but generally she seems to enter the spirit of the evening enthusiastically. Time...... alone will tell. The dress is only a partially see through panel at the back.
  13. I haven't been "Sir" for 39 years. Once upon a time I was a soldier, later an officer but that was "once upon a time, long, long ago!!"
  14. THANKS = Big Thanks for your response. It is better now but I again ditched all Flash Player software and re-downloaded the thing from scratch - since when it has worked - that was lunchtime in UK. I am a happy bunny again! Merry Christmas happyone and renewed thanks.