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  1. @priapos THANKS = Big Thanks for this series which tell a story accurately and concisely; very grateful since I went to bed about this time but I am sure others would also be grateful to you.
  2. Oldstalker

    Foxy, Kira - Part 2

    OR a booze/fags/food run?? One simply does not know.
  3. It's a Good Point and well made; as a method of getting a progressive removal of clothes or escalation of sexual activity it remains a good one, allowing for smoke/drink/loo breaks. I wondered if the girls here had overplanned this party to get it off to a quick start. Compare this with Foxy and Kira's apartment party where, when Nina set about it, they all began playing very quickly. She is using a combination of methods, including the spinner, and forfeits but no doubt the clothes will begin to come off there quite soon. Meanwhile Kira plays the topless hostess part well!
  4. Oldstalker

    Ary & George Part #2

    I stand corrected (and happily so) 😀
  5. Oldstalker

    Ary & George Part #2

    0016 and George has got the cards out. Let the fun begin and see how the evening develops. 😀
  6. Oldstalker

    Foxy, Kira - Part 2

    Correct priapos, the three sitting on the floor nearest the doorway to the hall are the most recent arrivals. BTW good caps in this and many other threads THANKS
  7. Oldstalker

    Foxy, Kira - Part 2

    0100 There's a party in the making now - 5 girls plus Alan, in the house including Serena - currently 3 in the shower and 3 in the L/R ............so a good time could be had by all.
  8. Oldstalker

    Otto & Lola

    Who says Men cannot multitask? Also candidate for VH funnies - good one nack - I love it!
  9. Oldstalker


    Thanks Sparkles - I thought I had seen Patrik there earlier also; around the time Z & T departed. This guy is definitively the one at P & C's earlier today.
  10. Oldstalker


    Is it not Patrik and Clair who are there??
  11. 1918 The guest girl HAS TO BE Chloe's sister???
  12. Oldstalker

    Nelly & Bogdan - Videos (2018)

    Some of us need these simple method thanks; thanks also to those who post 😁 👍
  13. It is - maybe a leak on it or something like that. I am sure it will be quite prosaic!
  14. 0125 Something has happened in the store cupboard in the kitchen; I do not know what - could be vermin or some such but they are spending a lot of time in there looking quizzical. Putin Jnr has arrived to see also now at 0130.
  15. Oldstalker

    Ary & George Part #2

    2003 was when I first spotted her; she looks to me very like Dean and Candy's house-sitter?? I am often wrong on these things. I have to go out now, so if I am wrong, please do not pour scorn and derision on me.