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  1. Thank you very much Secret ! Very good job... you're the King !
  2. Thank you very much @Letsdothis for sharing videos, always a pleasure to see these girls having fun. But i think it's not their last session of massage, i've see it threw blurry thumbnails last week and don't remember Leora was sitting on Malia's stomach. Hope someone put the video one day...
  3. Elle regarde un film de cul sur son téléphone, on l'entend sur la vidéo...
  4. Vous n'avez rien de mieux a faire que de se moquer ou accuser Ulysse, merci pour tes nombreux partages de vidéos et oublie les " haters ", nous on t'aime !
  5. Someone said here some days ago that something happen in this location every thursday and saturday evening. And it was true : last thursday they bated next eachothers in Living room and on saturday it was a historical day between Malia and Leora... Hope he was right and it will continued... So wait and see ! 🤩
  6. She chose the biggest carrot, cleaned it and went to bedroom... what did she do with it ? Any video ?
  7. Yeah, Leora was very wet, when Malia came out of the room Leora touch her pussy many times and we all seen the fluid between fingers and pussy, and then she wiped her fingers on the bed... It was so hot. You should see the replay 😉
  8. Hi Keeper, i never saw her fuck too, but she had massage and then handjob a guy with Jessica once... and the guy had rub Irma's pussy while Jessica was in a chair looking the scene and touching herself... Both had an orgasm.
  9. Hello Pilipe, Could you tell us what substance you take ? lol 🤣 I'm kidding, stay yourself : we love you as you are 🥰
  10. Beaf, tu ne m'as pas froissé, pas de soicis 🙂 Je suis dans la même situation que toi par rapport à RLC (quoique banni depuis 3ans), au suivi de Leora depuis environ 7 ans, etc... Bon déconfinement et bonne journée à toi aussi.
  11. Beaf, comment peux-tu "revoir" ces images si tu n'est pas membre de RLC ?... Un grand merci à Snakeeye pour le partage de nouvelles vidéos.
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