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  1. I think they should stop all the camera show off. Just let me see Aurora's body. She looks great. The ropes and tapes are just ruining the art.
  2. This is not a happy couple. Was I the only one seeing the blonde crying for hours while trying to get the attention of the other one? Couple of days back. The bloke ignored it all.
  3. I thought epileptics would wear a necklace to let people know about their condition. At least, that's what I was taught in Norway in the 80-ies, when we were told to put them in recovery position and just wait. Maybe the world has changed, or maybe it was not an international necklace. Whatever. I hope Mira is fine again. Все добре зараз, Міра? (Is everything OK now, Mira?)
  4. I had problems. Tip: check downdetector, works for all major services: Signal app down? Current outages and problems. | Downdetector DOWNDETECTOR.COM Real-time outages and problems for the Signal app. Can't send messages? No server connection? Here you see what is going on.
  5. She is gorgeous. Thanks, @Just In
  6. Puberty (Munch painting) - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  7. Nina having her own Basic Instinct moment?
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