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  1. What truck? Oh, yeah, the truck. Dunno, but older than she is.
  2. Is that TK and partner visiting?
  3. Jeez I love cold pizza. I am jealous.
  4. This doesn't look like it is going anywhere in a hurry.
  5. We shall see. Time will tell. Hopefully they don't need a card game. 😀
  6. Are they into things, or do they just munch on pizza?
  7. Who are this evening's guests?
  8. Too bad. I wager you were looking forward to an intense night. Mira's hair colour is stunning, by the way. Love it.
  9. Great pics, everyone. Thanks. Did the latest budget in Russia put up the price of cigarettes - it looked like Henry was rolling his own (although perhaps it wasn't tobacco)?
  10. Veronica did a stellar job of keeping the couch in shape while M & H were away. Good to see you home safe.
  11. OK. Thanks for that info
  12. What is that pink stick-like thing sticking out? Please?
  13. This is the latest number that works for me. note the '.com' instead of '.xyz' https://cdn.reallifecamhd.com/1180.mp4
  14. Like I started with, it is IMHO. I would never play a game like that, even if I thought it was amusing. Shaking fingers close to the column, loud simulated sneezing, blowing on the girl's backside. Nope.
  15. IMHO, Pete is not a nice character, after witnessing the way he tried to distract and influence other players in the 'remove the tiles' game. That type of behavior shows his character for what it is.