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  1. Apparently not. Mr. Long Hair just showed up.
  2. Well, as of 4:30 am, Mira is in bed alone, and Henry is trying hard at Maren & Karel
  3. Can anyone share where M & H are relocating to?
  4. This guy is REALLY pissed. He could cause some serious harm.
  5. Mira is not going to let him fuck her tonight. I think that is obvious. She did have a nice lesbian encounter. IMHO, he is creepy.
  6. Thankfully (next day), it looks like the cams have reverted back to 'normal'
  7. What the hell? Lost the living room cam (again)!!!! Not even showing on the RHS list of cams. That RHS menu is all screwed up.
  8. Where is Mira? I haven't seen her for a while.
  9. Salut tweety.

    Je ne vois plus les photos de Spying 1 sur le site aujourd'hui. Il continue d'en mettre mais cela reste blanc.

    Est-ce que pour toi c'est pareil ou bien tu les vois?

    Merci de me donner ta réponse dès que tu pourras.

    Bien cordialement.


    Hi tweety.

    I no longer see the pictures of Spying 1 on the site today. He continues to put it on but it remains white.

    Is it the same for you or do you see them?

    Please give me your answer as soon as you can.

    Best regards.


    1. tweety


      I can still see Spying 1's posts with no issues. May be something at your end. Cheers.

  10. I haven't seen Elaine in a few days - has she left? Also, when are M & H expected home? Thanks.
  11. Who are the couple that have just arrived?
  12. That's it. I have seen enough (too much, actually) for tonight. No more abusing.
  13. Athena is definitely not into the dom/sub scene
  14. The english teacher came back with her friend.
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