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  1. Betty & Rick

    Well, if he wouldn't jack off 6 times a day. Her nipples are still hard.
  2. Betty & Rick

    To heck with it, I am going home.
  3. Betty & Rick

    If at first you don't succeed...
  4. Betty & Rick

    Finally, some action in the living room.
  5. Betty & Rick

    Where I come from, the word is cunnilingus, with a us at the end.
  6. Betty & Rick

    Ah well, another session finished. Now I can switch to another board .
  7. Betty & Rick

    There is this old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" It is good that you speak Russian, though.
  8. Ella & Isaac

  9. Ella & Isaac

    Sparkles, we need you at Betty & Rick.
  10. Betty & Rick

    We need Sparkles on this board, but he is at Ella & Isaac
  11. Betty & Rick

    No, we did not see that - that was why the request was made to post some pics!
  12. Betty & Rick

    Is anyone able to post some pics? Btw, they are playing Spin the Bottle at Ella & Isaac's
  13. Betty & Rick

    Not only on this board, but others too. e.g Mira and Henry who I know are in the same city.
  14. Betty & Rick

    Great. We need someone on this board who can speak the language.