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  1. Betty & Rick

    I wonder why Rick is not taking part in this get together.
  2. The only 'star' missing would be Veronica.
  3. So Darcie and Stifler still to arrive.
  4. The view from the loggia isn't so good - who is the just arrived couple?
  5. Mira's hair colour is amazing (and the rest is not too shabby, either)
  6. Betty & Rick

    She must have an adverse reaction to it. I see that the show is over. The dude went home, and Rick went to the bedroom. Time to watch some (Canadian) ice-hockey.
  7. Betty & Rick

    .....caused by the bull semen she puts on her face. btw congrats on passing the 5600 mark.
  8. Betty & Rick

    She looks a little fatigued. lol
  9. Betty & Rick

    He has munched on her pussy, then her ass, then back.
  10. Betty & Rick

    You have an excellent command of the English language ashley. Good one.
  11. Betty & Rick

    I am sorry. I do not have any smart-assed comments to make for this pic.
  12. Betty & Rick

    Finger up bum. She is giving her all to make Rick cum.
  13. Betty & Rick

    Another bj for Rick. Big udders on granny.
  14. Betty & Rick

    Well, he is giving it the good ol' college try
  15. Betty & Rick

    Does Rick get a turn, or was the bj he got it for the night?