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  1. and still involved with V-H? Sure hope so.
  2. Would you like to enlarge the details. New City? New Job? Good luck in all your efforts to succeed. 😀
  3. ... then I totally agree with Robwin's post
  4. Not sure what you mean by that...
  5. .... and Henry;s attempts at trying to lighten the mood are not working.
  6. #1127 no longer works, including all of the 1120's. Do not know why? Latest video is #1168.
  7. Who are the visitors? That wouldn't be TK, would it?
  8. Hi M & H. Can you fill us in about what is going on at Betty & Ricks, and why they have been offline for so long?
  9. tweety

    Betty & Rick Part #2

    The apt has been offline for days (at least since June 13). Yesterday (24th) the pink notice over the thumbnail said "OFFLINE back on Mon". Today (Mon) the notice says "OFFLINE back on Sun". Not good vibes.
  10. Does anyone know who the girl is?
  11. Don't know one girl, but Veronica arrived to make four.
  12. tweety

    Betty & Rick Part #2

    I see that the Apt of B & R is offline. Hopefully just regular maintenance and not anything more.
  13. I am sorry, but I do not like these tits.