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  1. They are absolutely more than fine. Kitty is extremely beautiful and her body looks great as it is. Her going for fake breasts would be a terrible waste just like it was for Masha and Ilona. Fake breasts never look good.
  2. Yeah but it's not like we are choosing one obviously beautiful girl against girls that are not. They are all beautiful if you use aesthetical criteria. Who you find the most beautiful, that's up to everyone. Also the poll doesn't say that people, on average, find Nora more beautiful than Becca.
  3. What is beauty? it's very difficult to define and very subjective. Rebecca's features were too angular for me and she almost never smiled. I know that Anna and and Karol were two of the most beautiful girls I've seen in Barcelona and they only got they got 1 and 0 votes too. Plus for all we know she's the no2 of everyone. Choosing only one girl is difficult. Jasmin seems to be a consensual choice though because even if I didn't vote for her she's up there for me too.
  4. If I remember correctly last time she went to B2 Lima was already sleeping on the couch by 11PM. Le's see how she fares this time
  5. For those who don't want to sort through all the videos of Michelle online, these are the best I found : 5 videos, 144 MB https://mab.to/25CD2E386
  6. I thought she was done with that guy because he behaved badly with her. I may be wrong but she probably didn't look at his dick for medical reasons.
  7. A workaround that seems to work for multiple people : Type in you address bar (and I really mean type, don't just follow the link) : http://reallifecam.com/a (what your write after the / doesn't really matter)
  8. I don't think they block members using a vpn, only freeloaders since the message asks you to either login or turn off your privacy tools. The problem is that it randomly affects people not using a proxy/vpn.
  9. They clearly went overboard with their protection bullshit, it seems to randomly affect people. I encourage everyone to e-mail them about this problem.
  10. I'm not currently using a proxy/vpn and I have this message. I tested the following : Chrome -> suspicious activity Firefox -> suspicious activity Opera -> suspicious activity Safari -> I accessed the site I then set up a vpn and tried to access RLC with Safari -> suspicious activity I stopped the vpn -> still suspicious activity I think they went to far to stop people from recording the free cams. Maybe they'll fix it, maybe they just don't care.
  11. I'm not sure insulting the people you want something from is the best way to get what you want. Edit : I see that you've already apologized. you can ignore my comment
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