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  1. now , appartement even removed from the list...... not off line ???? that guy must be a obligated volontear to test conora vaccin ..... if it goes bad, not a great loss, bad luck, asshole.
  2. That is not Sofia on the floor; that is the girl guest. Was there violence? ok, yes he pulls out the girl with her legs out of the sofa and she drops with her head first on the floor.... after 15 min. she is still on the floor....
  3. have you seen how that asshole pulls sofie off the sofa to the ground.? my god she can have brain damage.....
  4. is there no expression in french ? " dans une vielle casserolle on fait la meilleur soupe.......
  5. this workout must heart after 2hours ..... we will see it when they walk tomorrow..... 😃
  6. Miley can more than sing and dance.............. https://mab.to/UjCdtud5D
  7. click on the link - and then download and save.
  8. (Video Content No Longer Available) here it is.....😉
  9. i am still thinking it is the older brother of henri.... could be a reason !
  10. they are preparing for the next olymipic games ..... not the pentatlon but the fuckinglon :)
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