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  1. Ciao a tutti, sì spettacolo divertente ieri, questo trio sa come divertirsi in questo periodo di quarantena ..... Bogdan rimane per ora ancora il mio preferito tra i tanti ragazzi che hanno partecipato al progetto .... Ma anche questo ragazzo è molto bella .....
  2. Good morning and good weekend to you too Filipe😘🐈
  3. You see that you don't follow my posts given your question .... as far as Santa Claus is concerned .... I think it is easier for Santa Claus to exist than to believe that something lesbian happens between Leora and Malia hahahahah ...
  4. This is not a paid sex site or at least RLC does not claim to be this .... But a site where tenants have free choice to have sex, masturbation and what they like to do and be to tenants of houses ... free choice, they are not forced to make lesbian scenes .... They are not shooting a porn movie but they are living (really or fiction) their life ....
  5. Good morning everyone, I understand the hope of many males that something lesbian can happen between Leora and Malia, but I don't understand when I read why Leora doesn't rub the cat in Malia or otherwise? Or why doesn't Malia suck the cat in Leora? I could ask you the same question too ... Why don't you suck your friend's penis for money? Or why don't you take a friend's stick in your butt? Could you find the funny thing don't you think? Ahhahah perhaps for the same reason as yours that nothing will ever happen between Leora and Malia, but sometimes the male hormone does not reason with the brain ahhahaha This message is playful and provocative... kiss to everyone🤣😘
  6. Leora and Malia remind me a lot of Kristy and kamilla ... For years they kept users watching them hoping that something would happen between them ... Well after 4 years of Rlc the only thing they did was massages, bath in the tub together and watching movies in bed .... Same thing will happen with Leora and Malia ....
  7. Okay, sorry I misinterpreted your speech .... sorry🥺😅
  8. Hello Blas, sorry but in your opinion if a girl follows social networks, chat, isn't she a smart girl? Why if I can ask you do you think this? Social network chats are the most used communication tool by people ....
  9. Yes thanks I still have a hole free to clean ... The closet is small in the end it is a hole hahaha you thought wrong🤣
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