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  1. good evening, or you don't look at it now or you have never been with a cam girl, otherwise you would know the differences….
  2. Here is one of the differences between Leora and a cam girl ... Both girls are paid but the camgirl does what you want Leora does and can and must do what she feels ... This program should represent real life ( it has very little to do with real life) and these moments mirror the program name ....
  3. Good evening everyone, kiss ... I understood the meaning but I think it is an inaccurate definition. Defining Leora a cam girl .... There is a lot of difference between a professional cam girl and Leora ...😂🤫🤭
  4. Good morning everyone kiss, ... Many girls masturbating watching lesbian videos ... But that doesn't mean we want to try or do it, what we see in the video ... I think Leora showed us that video or what she was watching while masturbating, to increase the hot moment, make us participate in that moment, in addition to showing everyone her safety as a woman ... She is not afraid to show what she looks and her fantasies to us users ...
  5. sexy girl

    Me stessa in mostra

    Thank you all ... A kiss
  6. You say that this forum is lacking in dialogue ... when there is dialogue it is not a good topic .. I believe that you cannot monopolize the forum so when a topic doesn't interest you just don't read .... It's fair to say your own idea ( I agree, or I don't agree with you) but it's one thing to express a contrary opinion like: I don't agree that Leora is fine with that dress (just an example) one thing is to say: absurd that we talk about leora's clothes but who cares let's talk about something else (always example) ... when I talk about Leora's forms or anything else I have nothing to say, I don't intervene I read (many times you make me smile) and I don't intervene ... I think is better attitude to live together in this forum
  7. I remember they had a fun evening with wine and orange juice, they woke up until the morning to dance, but then the time had been bad maybe due to too much drinking😂
  8. It depends on the prospects ... Probably a user who has a girl or woman nearby does not need to look at rlc just to see naked women and can also look at other ... Who will not have a satisfying sex life will need to look at rlc to see woman naked all day ...😂
  9. Good morning everyone kiss, you could also talk about the pillow with which Eva had fun .... But we will not do it ahahahaha, we will not discuss the type of seams that qul pillow had been made given its tightness, ahahahah🤣🤣🤭
  10. No message is understood ... I have two pinker Dwarfs ... I have always had dogs as a child to date ... I meant that dogs never forget who gave them affection (the owner who loved them) as opposed to people who can forget who gave them affection (a friend, girl wife) ... This I replied .... I hope it is clearer now ....
  11. Good evening kiss, people forget who gave us affection ... Animals do not, even after years, it is easier for a dog to let himself die for lack of his master than to forget him (we talk about a dog a little adult like Eva not of a puppy a few months a year) ...
  12. But always heated soup stove in the long run ... Ahahahah as good as the soup is🤣
  13. Hello kiss, you forgot Bogdan, hahaha that at least gives me fun and warm moments hahahaha this apartment started to decrease my interest as a bear left a project ... I didn't like bear ... But he knew how to have sex very well and with a lot fantasy ... Few men had as much imagination as he did ... Ahhahaha
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