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  1. Gil

    Pick a number 1-10 what ever number you choose you win Jackpot
  2. Lol the old grey haired dude getting stoned with his mate outside,he has better weed than gili
  3. Ok , 1 night when Sibel cam was online, she received a phone call .Had a total meltdown started smashing everything in the apartment. Gili came in and helped her clean up and calmed her down. Next day cams where offline . So who ever called her pulled the plug on her . Never to be seen again
  4. LOL did you really believe them
  5. Who is the cute dark haired girl at the D&D apartment ? she looks familiar
  6. There is no FREE lunch
  7. Dear Sir , please can you upgrade again Marina Bedroom is online . TIA
  8. Gil

    Gili has a stove and oven ,Dinner is on him pull in Pot pie
  9. Site still sucks lagging and not loading
  10. Have seen her around but not as often ,but she does shower and change clothes
  11. mmmm clickbait
  12. Nah they could recruit from Periscope , plenty there