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  1. You are a very funny guy. You are here every day complaining about Sera even though you say you never watch her. I think you are obsessed with her.
  2. How do you know that? Yesterday you said you never watch her.😏
  3. Monica and Amalia should swap rooms. It would be best for everyone. It's obvious that Monica and Amira enjoy each other's company.
  4. VTF is Irma doing in B2 ? She could have invited Amira to B1 if she wanted to meet her.
  5. "I wonder who makes these brilliant decisions" Maybe it was their own decision.
  6. It's fun to see how excited you get when guys show up in the house.
  7. They did say goodbye. At least the guest girl did... 11.33 cam 14
  8. IMO she is both immature and vulgar. I can't stand her.
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