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  1. Had a little mishap with my profile. But it's sorted out now. So you can delete the Trelathon account. StnCld316. Cheers, mate.
  2. Bet you didn't see me. I was the loofer she was using.
  3. Hi. idiot.....Wait, that makes me an idiot too.
  4. Isn't it against the rules to disclose private info on the RLC tenents?
  5. Now they are closed....it's beginning to sound like a broken record.
  6. Now some are open, again..Yay.
  7. All free cams are now closed, again.
  8. ce sont à nouveau les petits enfants de rlc qui jouent à des jeux.
  9. It took me a while to get it right, though quoting other sections can be a pain.
  10. You mean...they are....Aliens!!!
  11. Wow! A room is finally open.....my baited breathe is finally sated.
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