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  1. Do we really need to see endless posts with (Content No Longer Available) as the only content, in them?
  2. RLC is now doomed to failure. Well, in fact it's just plain DOOMED!
  3. There's a lot of crying, and a girl on the bed who hasn't moved in ages. I think she is dead. false alarm, she's awake....pheww!
  4. Then you need to limit the number of gif files aloud on each page; aswell as each post.
  5. To hijack my own thread, once more and get back on track. I suggest the forum get some more ram, to speed up the board lag. Just a suggestion
  6. Love the friendly banter from you two guys....after a hard days work, it really gets me relaxed.
  7. Perhaps we need to have a Graveyard section, so as to place dead posts into.
  8. Your point is well taken, foamy.
  9. To each his own. Rob001. remember that old word....Compromise......it goes along way.
  10. We have a possible Guiness Book of Records , right here!! Give these guys a round of applause.... Let me hear it, ya all.
  11. This has got to be the most awesome posted thread I've ever read. You guys all took this forum literally. Why, my rant on gif's...(the GIF format), pales into insignificanse, compared to this......Now can we all just shake hands, or whatever you all do, and get on with enjoying this forum. Just be thankful I ain't your Global Mod......cos if I was, I'd squish ya all into widdle bits. Nah! just kidding I'd probably give ya all medals.
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