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  1. there are times i hate myself for being cheap and not buying a sub 🙂
  2. I think that's an excellent description - it is apparent that they do not love each other as more than friends and their "sex" is not a spontaneous type that you'd get from lovers of any description it is purely a show and more often than not a very vanilla type of that too
  3. If anyone has the Martina & Nelly video and would like to let me know what they'd want to send it to me please get in touch 🙂 Many thanks and stay safe
  4. Moos - all i have are historic videos but i do have quite a few lol
  5. Moos - that's so unfair Mate - if we can't see then at least tell us what happened??
  6. Well that makes it even worse that i missed it ha ha - love those 2 ladies
  7. i've also been away and don't know what happened between martina and Nelly? was it good?
  8. An excellent post, the only thing i'd disagree with is that their shows are entertaining - it's more like they are obviously staged and pretty vanilla. I certainly agree that it diminishes what Leora has done for us and the site and to be honest is very boring.
  9. They're both somewhat boring and i'm not saying that in a truly negative sense just that there's little passion and real sexuality involved from this pair.
  10. Hope as always you capture the perfect moment - thank you :0
  11. Thanks mattharry - always good to know about regulations in healthcare !!!!!!!🙄
  12. she is very very sexy - love that body - thanks Nack as always
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