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  1. You are also here because camera are there.
  2. Harley thats what I have been telling people on the forum since a long time. This is not real life. This is just a porn site and take it as porn What do you expect to see on porn site ? It is a porn show and people pay to watch porn and fantasy that it is real life. which girls is letting people watch her and then jerk off ? RLC girls are performers and they get paid for their performance. You are talking about BFs? Nearly all girls who showed up with BF had a porn show with other girl where they have sucked dick of some other BFs. Belle, Irma, Loraine, Damira, Megan, Stella ... All supposedly had BFs but have sucking other dicks or having threesomes. Most of people who subscribed to RLC found the link or advertisement on Porn sites. so lets not fool yourself. Dont expect anything else. If you like porn subscribe and if you dont just unsubscribe . Dont get your personal feelings rule the porn sites 🙂
  3. I am glad that I have not subscribed again for the second month in a row. 😄
  4. She has been living in Barcelona since many years and thats why it is always easy for her to come back whenever RLC need her. Looks like this time she has broken up with her BF and has no other place to stay.
  5. My subscription ran out few days ago and I dont want to pay 45 Euro for this site. better to save that money. way too much money for this crap
  6. not log :) Because she isnt doing anything they are expecting .
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