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  1. Chez nous, qu' on soit saoul ,geler ou qu on fasse par expres ou non pour tué quelqu'un .Un accident de la route , c est le gouvernement qui paie le pot de vin et l hospitalisation
  2. he strke his dick like a jew count his money with the tip of his finger
  3. dit merci a Google translator ca vaut pas de la merde
  4. you can see on the video even the dog is scare of that butcher
  5. That was just for the fun of it for now i can t travel far away (familly for now ) but i like to Browsed around to know where people live without making any jugement i m courious that all
  6. with the pizza box and a little time i found the city where is the appartement Krasnoïarsk i would nt live there for more than 2 weeks shure thing in siberia wow
  7. Under the blanket did he find his friend and the horse gone last week
  8. do not touch this file you ll end up whit a page that hang up and hard to close
  9. one thing to say to that innocent child get the fuck out of there before you get the beating of your Young live or worst !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i was there that night in Montréal in 94 at the olympic stadium 10 years before they left for washington
  11. Lev (or what ever is nameis ), look like the stupid handyman of the vilain in the james bond movie you know the one who died first because he did something stupid !!!!
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