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  1. Every time I think VHTV can't come up with worse tenants, they out do themselves and proceed to do just that. Recycled queers and fat old farts, what a joke.
  2. PATHETIC, another FAT old fart with a tiny dick that needs a butt plug to get an erection - PATHETIC
  3. The motto of the Boy Scouts Organization, Be Prepared.
  4. Still a Mickey Mouse operation after all these years.
  5. One of the girls that came with the minor was there the previous evening and slept in the guest room overnight. They made a mistake and they should be warned and reinstated.
  6. Stesha's "friend" is a useless douche. Clean up the mess you made asshole.
  7. I didn't realize that James actually fucked😊
  8. Looks like they've abandoned this apartment, there is nothing of a personal nature left there.
  9. Have to compliment Helga on her efficiency. Had a "friend" arrive at 13:54, he stripped, washed his dick, had a blowjob, fucked, washed ,dressed and was gone in 10 minutes at 14:04
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