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  1. BBsq69, why don't you just stick to drooling over Leora. You seem to be at your best when you're occupied with that.
  2. Question to those who've seen more on RLC than I have Is this normal for them? Is it a case of attempted rape? or just another instance of RLC men who cannot keep up with their women's' appetite? (The Video Content is No Longer Accessible and has been Removed)
  3. It's a large file this time. The buildup was slow, with a surprising amount of cuddling and foreplay from Paul. Unfortunately the only lighting comes from the TV. It was so dark I was expecting the video camera to switch to night mode (Content No Longer Available)
  4. This bating session was quite unexpected: Paul in the LR, the door wide open. Lately, something is not going well between Leora and Paul. For days on end there is very little communication between them at home. He's in the LR either at his desk or bored stiff on the sofa. She's busy doing something in the GR or is in one of her house cleaning frenzies. There’s no sexual contact between them at all. His few advances are elegantly rebuffed, and her advances are either totally ignored or taken no notice of. When one of them has a rare guest, the other makes him/herself scarce. I don't know what they do during their daily outings, and I've only been viewing them for a few months, but this is not normal for a young couple in the prime of life. There seems to be a deep frustration there. Frankly, I find it quite sad.
  5. Being a book lover myself, I have a soft spot for anyone who appreciates books. I'm curious what books she bought. Any help from the Russian speakers on the forum in answering this would be appreciated
  6. I wonder if Paul has any clue of what went on while he was snoozing, and why Leora is so chirpy with him right now... I just hope the dog keeps its mouth shut
  7. Sorry that I missed the beginning. In the meantime, you can enjoy this part until someone hopefully uploads the complete session . (Content No Longer Available)
  8. Video 13 minutes of not much happening, and yet... (Content No Longer Available)
  9. Video from a short while ago, in the dark The usual jack hammering, but toned down a bit this time. (The Video Content is No Longer Accessible and has been Removed)
  10. Yesterday's tears were much more than a delayed reaction to Paul's abrupt behaviour. They were Leora's venting of pent up frustration at a relationship that is basically incompatible. And as happens in most cases, it was the woman that brought it to a head. Leora and Paul know very well that they are locked in a sad marriage. Their personalities, interests and sex drives are incompatible and now that the novelty of living together intimately is wearing off, their incompatibility is becoming more evident. It's most probably the comfort and false security of an RLC apartment that is keeping them under one roof but this will end eventually, and what then? It's really sad and they each deserve a happier life. I hope they each find it eventually.
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