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  1. Misty

    I wish she would turn the lights on more often
  2. Alice got the memo for topless cleaning
  3. That is what she needs to help her relax
  4. Mom is going to be happy for all the cleaning that Lisa did
  5. Misty

    Misty did not get the memo on how to dress when cleaning
  6. Misty

    Here is when one of the big cum stains happen
  7. Alice & Pavel -Violet & Jeff should be in the nice house and kick the other jackasses out
  8. Lisa put on a different shirt for you jabb
  9. Misty

    Mr personality I think he is going to stay here, and he is the worst person to be around Lisa
  10. Misty

    It would be awesome if Anna would get big tits like Misty, Alex would be fighting the baby for who gets the tits
  11. Misty

    They need to put a plastic cover on it so they can hose it off every once in a while
  12. Misty

    Anna is wearing a bra, I didn't think she own one
  13. Misty

    The camera in the living room The high one is to high,
  14. Margaret & Tony

    These people smoke a lot