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  1. LamarPlayer316


    i vote for carmen too
  2. i just wish that carmen would come back it not the same with out her
  3. Carmen would win that one, that's the best idea yet.
  4. Even if she went to another apartment, I would still enjoy watching her on the site. Can anyone talk her into staying on the site? Even if she was at Sofia, just really enjoy watching her.
  5. Sorry to hear that, I really enjoyed her being there and hope they will bring her back nor to another apartment. Please bring her back. And it would be better if they would bring in some guys who are experienced and know how to treat a woman.
  6. So have they quit the project all together or is there a chance they are just moving?
  7. Can anyone tell me what happened to Carmen and her guy?
  8. i like carmen she fun to watch
  9. Are they going to put Carmen and her guy in another apartment? I hope so. Since she's leaving Tula, its going to be dead.
  10. I was wondering what is up with the paper Carmen was writing on tonight for Anita
  11. i think anita is confe with carmen to do that
  12. i am glad that carmen is back in tula she can bring life back to tula
  13. At least she is out of Tula and she's in Tver.Carmen might like girls too but Anita likes Carmen as well- she's just not showing it on camera. She might have this guy just for on camera .Let's just see what happens next.
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing a lesbian couple in one of the apartments, then you would have more options Better than some drunk beating up on the girls.Give it a chance and see how it goes, you might like it.
  15. i wish that could stay in tver

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