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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!! This is the funniest thing I've seen on the internet today. So the last recession that hit was under Bush. Then who took office that started the 10 years of growth????? Now a president gives tax breaks and saves companies Billions of dollars, but in 2 months of a shut down they all need help or bailouts???? and 30MM+ people unemployed. I know no party is perfect, but the party of "Fiscal Conservatives" raised debt by more than $1T in an economy that was already doing well, although not perfect, to give tax brakes to big corporations using the fallacy of "Trickle Down Economics". Final words - Forget labels. I don't care what you call yourself. Just vote for things you believe in no matter who set it in motion. Vote for what you believe will help all of humanity and not just a narrow minded few. Be willing to listen to folks that don't think like you because we all have different backgrounds and sometimes it beneficial to see things through the eyes of others.
  2. Trump had no fix. He just wanted to kill it because Obama did it. I bet you if a reporter asked him about what parts of the ACA he doesn't like i bet you $100 he couldn't give a coherent answer. I understand its not perfect, but a lot of people would have been hurt without it.
  3. @helselfisdarkne. you can use quicktime player. When you open it up you will click file and then click new screen recorder. you will also need an app calld soundflower bed to capture the sound to the video. just google it and youbwill find download options
  4. that girl has talent. she was using the strap and sucking him at the same time
  5. This is a pic from the first time I saw Stella Play with another girl. Its a video of stella Lola and Payola. I have a video if some would like to trade a video of the Hedi action.
  6. How do i upload a photo?
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