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  1. Then tell Ridgerunner and his partner, Beldon to quit critisizing other members comments. Most of their comments are critical of other members. They are always the ones that begin the rants and flames. You used to warn members then ban them for this type of behavior.
  2. It has many meanings you ignoramous in many different languages. I speak 6 of them. And you? Furthermore, you are the sensitive one as I know my comment earlier was so accurate of you it pissed you off. lol
  3. He's either her dad or brother. Whats amazing to me about him is he makes assumptions about us yet criticises us for making assumptions about Kamila. Completely two faced, which is the worst kind of person to try and have discussions of logic.
  4. You would never have known it as she was anxious to get it over with. She is absolutely terrible fuck. I would rather use my hand.
  5. No. Pretty much guaranteed Nelly will never have sex with anyone of either sex other than her husband, Bogdan.
  6. She is sexual but not over the top. Danaya masturbated in the open much more than in the past. Saw her beautiful pussy uncovered many times. And dont forget the time Irma and Jessica jacked off the guy from RLC.
  7. On this site I expect to see sex. In the open. Like in almost every other apartment. What I dont want is porn.
  8. Well that explains why you like Kamilla. Still doesnt change the fact she is and has alwsys been Kamilla first. At first chance in Barcelona she decided to spend a weekend off fucking some guys on a boat even knowing she would leave her friend, Kristy, at the apartment alone. Conceited stuck on herself *****...that is Kamila.
  9. Doesnt change the fact I want her nonfucking ass off the site.
  10. Get her the fuck off RLC. She adds nothing to the project. She has a beautiful face, but ugly tits and is a lousy fuck.
  11. It is very rare when I watch this house. Even when its the only action i just disconnect from RLC or look at some of the girls sleeping.
  12. 1) anyone know when she last had her period? 2) at some point Nils is going to find out she fucked another man.
  13. CrazyDude

    Eva & Sam General Topic #4

    0630 Eva home a little drunk and happy she got fucked good by one of her sex partners.