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  1. ya, that i also saw a guy hold a bag of white powder and after that just offline, no time to screen cap...
  2. about 3 hours ago, i saw a girl and a man, but don't know who they are...i can search my browser history and see if i can post pics from that timeline...
  3. offline, i saw the guest guy hold a small bag of white power...
  4. i was just hoping they will use that thing on the desk
  5. Serj already asleep in living room , something will happen in the bedroom ?
  6. i think she is the drunk guest girl that had sex at Helena bathroom, they really look alike
  7. light on with this angle would be great...
  8. first time with light on, please don't switch it off...
  9. i am afraid that this is their routine from now on, he stay at home most of the time , go to A&E place when someone come over and that's it. As for the guests , i also miss them...
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