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  1. do anyone have any foreplay recording before the guest have sex ? https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/realm67/cam13/guest-couple-sex-21-oct-2019
  2. i downloaded the file, no problem playing it, thank you !
  3. if you guys dont already know , Pablo first appearance..
  4. i added .mp4 to the file name and it is working fine.
  5. thank you @Kjeld Carlsen for the kindness of always sharing all these great videos
  6. thank you @Mittsy1 for the video
  7. credit to @northguy, here is the re-upload https://mab.to/QwoO5L013
  8. thank you @northguy for posted all these videos, and also @xanadu for posted the new videos
  9. thank you @Mark Thompson for posting some nice pictures since @Hope85 is not posting anymore...
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