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  1. ❤️🕯️˜”*°•.˜”*°• Today is my birthday •°*”˜.•°*”˜🕯️❤️ ..
    To 🌹my friends🌹: maybe with some of you i have some a little disagreements into a viewpoints but that's does mean i'm still is respect all of you,and appreciate all of you, all of you still have same places in my heart..
    To ❤️these friends❤️, who so much nearest to my heart.with you i found meaningful of love and friendship and what really is means,my flight in this planet will going on with you to forever as long as sun still shining on and as long as the moon still singing ..
    To my angel ❤️someone❤️: with you i'm becomes so many better and world become better place to live and you found me and i found you in land of hearts together will stays to forever..🦋🌸

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    2. ooopel


      oh hello sweetie @ashleyxyz, wish do you know? miss you a lots! yep very lot!sweetie Ash you're so near to my heart whatever you are so far way in your place! And you have permission and key( only for women👩‍🌾) to get enter into my heart at anytime you want, by the way !even (someone) both us we knew!😋 i was not give him the same permitting.!
      in my heart no someone can have same place of Ash unless only if it's Ash herself.💟You always been an dearly to me and you will still stay like that so.thank you my lovely Ash and i wish in bottom of my heart all happiness and goodness and love in all second for you in your age.with all my love.💋❤️❤️


    3. ashleyxyz


      You know what ooopel, whenever you send me a message I always feel much better after I read it. Everyone on here feels the same about you, that you're a sweet kind loving person who has a way with words to bring a smile to me, and I wish I could meet you in person. I know we would have such a fun time together. I'm not dealing too well with all thats going on to be honest with you. I need to be out and with friends to clear my head. Obviously I live with my best friend in the whole world. Guy is my life and love, and without him I'd have gone crazy by now. But being home all thetime I start overthinking everything and obsessing about the past and all the mistakes I've made and wish I could change,  but I can't. I'm sorry to bore you with my problems, im gonna get back to you this week and we can catch up on what you been up to! I gotta run right now. Have a good evening!❤️

    4. ooopel


      Oye dearly @ashleyxyz,i felt the same when i read your message!always i feel the same way when reading anything you writing it,you have your own style which is like light says letters of Ash is written here.in somehow in far past i got realized this when my heart was send all those waves of love.in other side there's always a heart or more in this world who it was receives all those waves of love! in the hearts station all hearts can speaks better than lips and best than tongue language!no influencing her by how long is the distance or a language barriers.💌
      what happens in nowadays,it may caused pain that which we see happening in front us(Pandemic COVID19 and what after it )at beginning i couldn't believe it even in my worst dreams!I was not expected that!uh really i can't blame on (no someone) if it couldn't treat with all of that,but what's it better is that you have some friends on here or in world! who they can change that wave of disappointment and hopeless to something full of positive joy! cheer up my sweetie💁‍♀️!really !there is nothing from the past by with my hands or by with your hands that we can change it.oh just let it go sweetie.!♥️
      but we can always write something better than it in our present or future.oh you still have your (man) ,and in after lock down and now!i wish him became have a some skills of cooking of all kinds of Pizza and Pasta!!(oh that what i was did with my brothers and with my sister guy!i were teaches them some kinds of cooking.so no need brings food of outside any more when i goes to visit them they cooking by their self).
      By the way,sweetheart ash, if your guy doesn't act so well with you on bed or any other moments in your life,oh just send this man to me!I will let him see how's birds and ghosts gonna fly from his head such like cartoon😇😋!my sweetie Ash, you and I and all the women,will always is being the suiting answer about why of this world has been created! without us all what everyone seeing it in this world it will gonna to die. and for that each woman have something to be proud about it because without us that world can't breathe or live more..
      P.S:i will tell something secret among us far out about others ears! there are a (two password) to enter my heart (one is the beautiful word, plus the other word is your name dearly Ash)with all my love sweetie..💋❤️❤️


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