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  1. Am Woman more than, 
    fantasy of any man...
    I'm in soul of every woman... 
    With her passion... 
    And With whisper of her flowers ... 
    With breaths of her Letters...
    I'm a woman more than any Fantasy..
    But i' still there flying, 
    by my wings among on love words.. 
    Signature :🌹🦋ooopel 🦋🌹

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      Oh hello, hello hi @mickis are you wanna say something? or just wanna play with me!ohaa mickies from since 2013 logined in, say something Please! Oh my dear @StnCld316 see if mickis want say any something? maybe he love to say something kind to me and i'm dying to know what it is, Its miracle to make him talk after more than 7 years of age silence 😋

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