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  1. That couple looks good. Are these people active, do they have sex frequently? And the other couples on this site? Do they meet (I mean the couples)?
  2. I saw that today VV has some promotion - 10 $ for any plan. In case if somebody is interested.
  3. Are they still out of electricity?
  4. Looks like Marna is tired Greg. Better stay on ceramic floor in the kitchen than in the bed with him?
  5. Would that assume that gay people are boring? 😄 Pesonally I am not acquainted with gay couples. That's what's why it's interesting for me to watch gay guys on voyeur sites. But Sam and Fin is like an old couple. They even sleep in different beds sometimes.
  6. The guests know that they have no opportunity to hide their asses in the hall now.
  7. Wow, great pictures! @broxman @maatiabada there are videos in the archive of VV.
  8. If they sniff cocaine, i think they have lots of money.
  9. they sleep in the living room i think
  10. No news - Europeans are not allowed to enter the site.
  11. Any new about Marna?
  12. That was the face fucking. Marna asked for it.
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