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  1. broxman

    Romeo & Gloria

    Empty at the moment, looking forward to seeing the new couple.
  2. broxman

    Darren & Roberta

    An apartment should not launch unless there are cameras covering all areas.
  3. broxman

    Courtney & Jason

    These two have been a massive disappointment. They are out all day and are never in. When they are in and they have company over, a lot of the time they leave. Not good enough.
  4. broxman

    Candy & Dean Part #2

    How the hell does Dean put up with that bitch Candy, every time I drop in she is having a go, with her face absolutely tripping her. He has more patience than I have, I would have waved goodbye to her long before now. Miserable cow!
  5. broxman

    Betty & Rick Part #2

    I think it's time to get rid of this apartment, as much as it pains me to say it as Rick is one of only a few VHTV men to have done anything with another guy.
  6. broxman

    Bree & Drew

    I know it seemed to come out of nowhere.
  7. I see the loggia cam is STILL out of focus and STILL has no sound. I put a ticket in 8 days ago and they were 'working on it' 🙄
  8. broxman

    Lola & Otto Part #2

    I see shy guy has gone from showering in his underwear to being naked and having sex. It's a miracle.
  9. broxman

    Candy & Dean Part #2

    I agree, Dean has a personality unlike some of the guys on VHTV, he's funny, Candy on the other hand I wouldn't miss!!
  10. broxman

    Candy & Dean Part #2

    Are they coming back? I miss Dean.
  11. broxman

    Bree & Drew

    I'm back!! If they are no longer a couple why be a part of the project? Strange, tey need to find new partners to make this apartment interesting again.
  12. broxman

    Tver Apartment - Split 7

    I hope you mean straight guys here, gay guys are just as real as any other guy.
  13. broxman

    Tver Apartment - Split 7

    Thats my months subscription up tomorrow and this apartment has been a big let down. I think Mike & John have fucked 4 times in those 4 weeks and Sun has annoyed the hell out of me so much that I don't want to visit. Hopefully he goes soon and they get a half decent tenant in his place and I might take out another subscription.
  14. broxman

    Tver Apartment - Split 7

    The immature brat wouldn't even aknowledge him leaving. Just lay there in those stinking clothes on the couch like the sloth that he is!
  15. broxman

    Tver Apartment - Split 7

    He is an argumentative prick. I totally agree, he needs to go. I took out a months subscription just for this apartment and I won't renew. I can't stand to look at him. He is everything I hate in a gay man. Camp, annoying, and a utter drama queen. The guy was just too nice for him, when he slapped him I just wanted him to slap him back. I can guarantee he was the main reason Sam left.