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  1. Freddy

    I'm pissed off he is just ignoring it. If he was to reply and say, I can't get there until such a date, then fine I can deal with that, but to totally ignore it is just pissing me off, and for VHTV to lie once again and say it will be fixed in the 'next hours' is just as bad. VHTV better get ready, because I will keep sending those tickets!
  2. Misty - Part #2

    Yes and there is that too.
  3. Misty - Part #2

    Jeez when I leave the house I unplug everything, I would be just too paranoid that the tv would go on fire or something.
  4. Freddy

    Good day, thank you for your email. We'll fix cameras problem next some hours. Regards, Voyeur House TV Let's see if they mean it this time 🙄
  5. Freddy

    No they didn't! The internet was down, that is why ALL the cams jump, unless Freddy is superhuman and can cut all the cams at the same time! Stop making stuff up! FFS the guy was ill they had to get a paramedic in, somehow I don't think he was in the mood for sex If he was cutting cams you would see him walking over to the cam and cutting it before it goes offline. You don't see this, that's how you know the internet has failed!
  6. Freddy

    I am pissed of at the lack of urgency from Jeka to get things fixed in here. If this was Violet & Jeff he would have been over her in no time, and VHTV support have been no help whatsoever, they had closed my ticket. ANOTHER complaint sent
  7. Misty - Part #2

    Misty has been away for over a day now and has left the tv and lights on. A bit concerning. That is something you would do if you were not going to be gone long.
  8. I think so too, I have seen him in other apartments too.
  9. I'm sure thats the guy that came to Linda & Carries place to put the cams back when they hid them that night of the party. He must work for them or is in partnership with them.
  10. Freddy

    I see there is still no sound on cam 4 and cam 7 still not working properly👇 Reported on the 13th and still not fixed. @Jeka&co Any idea when they will be fixed?
  11. Freddy

    Yes you could see that he was psyching himself up to give you oral I loved that he kissed you, you could see the first time he was there he didn't want to, but he finally did it when he came back the second time
  12. Freddy

    He came back for more.
  13. Freddy & Guest https://voyeur-house.tv/realm16/cam18?timestamp=1513287365 Thanks
  14. Freddy

    I don't recognise him.