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  1. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    I hope you mean straight guys here, gay guys are just as real as any other guy.
  2. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    Thats my months subscription up tomorrow and this apartment has been a big let down. I think Mike & John have fucked 4 times in those 4 weeks and Sun has annoyed the hell out of me so much that I don't want to visit. Hopefully he goes soon and they get a half decent tenant in his place and I might take out another subscription.
  3. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    The immature brat wouldn't even aknowledge him leaving. Just lay there in those stinking clothes on the couch like the sloth that he is!
  4. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    He is an argumentative prick. I totally agree, he needs to go. I took out a months subscription just for this apartment and I won't renew. I can't stand to look at him. He is everything I hate in a gay man. Camp, annoying, and a utter drama queen. The guy was just too nice for him, when he slapped him I just wanted him to slap him back. I can guarantee he was the main reason Sam left.
  5. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    See the rapists fuck buddy has moved back out after the mini row this morning where the rapist slapped him in the face. I wished he had punched him back! He is well rid of the poisonous over reacting drama queen. How any self respecting gay man can go near the loathesome, ugly shit is beyond me.
  6. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    The rapists PJ bottoms and that ridiculously large T shirt must stink. He is never out of them.
  7. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    Sweet but utterly boring. Walking around naked does nothing for me. They very rarely fuck, the odd oral sex now and again.
  8. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    Totally agree about the living room cams. I'm surprised Lex never moved them.
  9. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    Finally! Bed moved closer to cam 10 and cam 2 repositioned. Finally we can watch from all three cams!
  10. I see there is still problems with the cams in this apartment.
  11. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    Even before knowing this I hated him. He just reminds me of one of those annoying Big Brother housemates who create drama and hog all the limelight. Annoying, loathesome individual.
  12. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    Yeah he was with this guy on the 3 & 4 th Feb. Then moved on to the other guy. I assumed by the suitcase he was moving in at least for the time being. Just a pity that it's that annoying creep getting all the action, and Mike & John are very boring when it comes to sex. Sorry Golfer I know your not gay and are not interested lol
  13. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    I assume that Suns fuck buddy is moving into the apartment.
  14. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    At 03:41:09 you can see him take off whatever he stuck to it in the first place and replace it with what looks like a small towel. So I think it's safe to say she knew that cam at least was covered, and I agree he should never be invited back.
  15. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    Yes he did, but with cam 3 on the window ledge, you could see was obviously covered. So she knew fine well it was covered.