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  1. Mikey is too good for that crazy bitch! Leave while you can Mikey. She is always argueing with him. I wouldn't take it off her. I'd be out that door fast.
  2. relocation already? What is the point? One of the worst apartments ever!
  3. I agree, but the snowflakes who grass on them are just as bad. For want of repeating myself I could not give a flying fuck if someone wants to snort their brains out, people aren't forced to watch their apartment! Not so long ago a guest girl at Toto & Biancas apartment had a hook up with a guy and as soon as he arrived he went in the bathroom and done a line of coke right in front of the cam. It wasn't taken offline so I am assuming the snowflakes weren't watching.
  4. Shut the fuck up! Who the hell are you? The forum police?
  5. Henry why are you using your robe to cover part of the bath? We can quite clearly see you shoving that dildo in your mouth. Do you honestly think we can't see what you are doing lol. It's about time you got fucked by a real dick instead of that toy!
  6. She gets rid of Archie and now has Poppy - what a huge come down. 😂
  7. This apartment has been reinvented as a straight apartment. Zero gay sex at all. Poppy no longer has his fuck buddy over. Not that I give a shit because he does nothing for me. Far too twinky, but I just wonder if they have been told?
  8. No you have to be sexually attracted to men & women to be bisexual. I am 100% gay and someone could pay me to fuck a girl right now and it would not make me bisexual.
  9. It's the new Gay for Pay.....Straight for pay!
  10. Nah I do not believe he is even bisexual. He is straight for pay! The other guy that used to stay there I would be more inclined to believe he was bisexual, but when he left, Poppy had step up to the plate and take one for the team and fuck Nikki or there would be no straight action in this apartment.
  11. And so it continues. Same old emotionless, cold sex between Poppy and Nikki! I can't believe this gets viewers!
  12. Jeez VHTV scraping the barrel. I say bring back Geri & David, how about Carol & Artur while you are at it!
  13. At least it is a more appealing apartment, but it'll still be the same boring gay guy fucking Nikki routine 🙄
  14. You would think VHTV would come out and give an explanation but no they truly don't give a fuck about subscribers who were maybe fans of the apartment. I personally couldn't care less, the gay guys were just not in the least bit attractive. Also watching said gay guys fuck Nicki was just ridiculous!
  15. classic case of cam viewers being top priority over the actual people who pay them. Bed moved, meaning you get a very limited view. VHTV is shit!
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