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  1. Chad & Todd

    Combining food & sex my kind of guys
  2. Mira & Henry

    Maybe she can allocate days of the week to all in the queue
  3. Mira & Henry

    I'm gay and she can be my wife any day. How about it Mira
  4. Mira & Henry

    The guy is a trooper for taking that thing lol he's obviously had plenty of practice.
  5. Freddy & Jeson

    Did you watch Henry get fucked by Mira with the strapon? EDIT - Just seen your post in the thread.
  6. Mira & Henry

    Just watched Henry getting fucked with the strapon. Amazing. This couple are the best ever. absolutely no inhibitions, these two are worth the subscription alone!!!
  7. Freddy & Jeson

    I liked them too, the more guys on this site the happier I am
  8. Freddy & Jeson

    They still haven't taken Jesons name from the apartment, VHTV were quick enough to take Adam & Jacks name from Anastasia & Brocks apartment.
  9. Freddy & Jeson

    Baby steps, he got undressed under the covers and got dressed under the covers, but got naked and walked between bathroom and kitchen naked, so going in the right direction
  10. Freddy & Jeson

    Freddy likes to be dominated
  11. Freddy & Jeson

    New boy walking around naked but dtermined to keep his back to cam, Still caught a glimpse
  12. Freddy & Jeson

    Ah you could be right.
  13. Chad & Todd

    After the boring threesome which only came alive when the guest fucked dark hair, comes this good session.
  14. Freddy & Jeson

    I got it in the end when I thought about what he was saying. I was like 'colony in the hall?. It is terrible, blocks the view of every cam in the living room. Do you understand what he is saying 'he prlsto a friend of sex with him is not real' Do you think that means he is a very good friend and wouldn't have sex with him?
  15. Freddy & Jeson

    I was thinking it could be him.