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  1. The new camera in the hall will be installed on Sunday.
  2. Voyeur villa is ready to add 5 days of subscription for those who suffered from this incident. The tenants are fined and asked to place one of the cameras to the hall. Send me your subscription email to PM
  3. The situation is really unacceptable, we are so sorry for Tanya and friends behaviour. It happened at late night when all of us were sleeping. And not one of us had an idea of what's going on. This apartment is hard to manipulate, they are very freedom loving. The last problem with the drugs forced us to have a serious talk to them and it looks like that's the way they reacted to that. Now I hope that will never happen again. I would like to promise you that, but I guess its hard to predict their behavior. Our apologizes once again.
  4. I am sure that she will get in touch with us if she decides to come back.
  5. Let's archive it. If they will ever be back, we can open another one)))
  6. I tried to find the moment when they did it and even tried to look better what they got on the tables, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom. But that is impossible to find the proves of the drugs. Anyway, they will be fined, because that goes against the contract.
  7. We did announce the possibility of getting an extra day for the lapse in broadcasting. Nice to see your real face, Amy)) I imagined you were a brunette)
  8. We'll talk to them. Sam and Fin promised to be back tomorrow.
  9. They say that it will be clear on the 5th of March.
  10. Tanya is very upset about that too, the cameras were not disconnected on purpose. The problem was that one part of the equipment was not functioning well. She invited that guest to make you people happy, not to hide behind the disconnected cameras with him. That's not what Tanya is! About the compensation - write me in PM with your email that you used to register on VV and you'll get an extra day to your account.
  11. There was a technical issue and they had to wait for the tech guy to help to fix it. Now they reported that the problem is fixed and they will be back online in a couple of minutes.
  12. Marna and Greg are disconnected due to family reason. There is nothing more I can say now. It will become more clear at the end of the month (25-26 of February)
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