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  1. Tver Apartment - Split 6

    He is not a manager. He is helping with the cameras.
  2. Tula Apartment - Split 3

    And Phil will be back on 19th.
  3. Tula Apartment - Split 3

    Iris leaves today and will be back on 21st
  4. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    Noone knows🤔
  5. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    Inna left and will be back on Monday.
  6. Tver Apartment - Split 6

    The long beard tall guy.
  7. Tver Apartment - Split 6

    Sam was the July's bf initially.
  8. Tver Apartment - Split 6

    Everyone is sleeping and not answering to me. As soon as they wake up they will uncover the cameras. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Looks like the guest guy did it. Very sorry. And there is a news: Sam left the project, he did not get well with the other tenants. But he said he will probably be back later if there will be any opportunity not to live with the current tenants.
  9. Viola and Vins

    you are very kind
  10. Viola and Vins

    There is. The kitchens with with gas heating are very common in Russia. And there is always ventilation installed. Otherwise it would not pass the government exam. All the houses were built in such way before. Russians are having an opportunity to install electricity ovens for the last 20 years only.
  11. Tula Apartment - Split 3

    Sorry, it looks like it's out of order and will be replaced tomorrow, when Lex will be back home .
  12. Voyeur-Villa Tech Issues

    There was some maintenance of the cameras in Iris&Lex bedroom 2 days ago, but now it's alright.
  13. Tver Apartment - Split 6

    ok, understand.
  14. Tver Apartment - Split 6

    @broxman why was it a disaster? Because of our gay man only?
  15. Marna & Greg

    The new realm is online now.