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  1. VoyeurVillaNews

    Voyeur-Villa News

    Mark left to China. He'll not come back till spring.
  2. VoyeurVillaNews

    Tanya & Sun

    Sun and Tanya will be separating during the next week. Sun will reopen his apartment at the end of the next week and Tanya - in the middle of the week.
  3. VoyeurVillaNews

    Inna & Jason

    Is there any English/Spanish version?
  4. bist du einer von denen die Voyeur Villa mit leiten 

    wenn ja dann würde ich gerne wissen ob ihr schon mal darüber nachgedacht habt ob ihr

    nicht mal Wohnungen in Deutschland so anbieten wollt  


  5. VoyeurVillaNews

    Marna & Greg

    Marna and Greg are changing their flat today. Will be reconnected this evening.
  6. VoyeurVillaNews

    Inna & Jason

    The bathroom camera is replaced for a short time due to the repairment process in bathroom
  7. VoyeurVillaNews

    Tanya & Sun

    It's working now
  8. VoyeurVillaNews

    Tanya & Sun

    There is no electricity in the building of Sun and Tanya.
  9. VoyeurVillaNews

    Sam & Fin

    There is no action on the balcony much. The tenants are just going out to smoke when it's summer. There are no cameras on the balconies in any apartment and believe me: the tenants are not hiding from the cameras there. It's their choice, their independent project and they do not want to hide things. On the contrary, the more interesting they make their apartment the more money they get. So they are trying to bring do the best.
  10. VoyeurVillaNews

    Voyeur-Villa News

    Pushkin will be reopened, but Tula - not. It will be replaced with new people. We are communicating with a couple of potential participants. Hopefully, we'll get new appts soon.
  11. VoyeurVillaNews

    Sam & Fin

    They are experiencing technical issue and it will be solved as soon as possible
  12. VoyeurVillaNews

    Sam & Fin

    Someone just passed by)
  13. VoyeurVillaNews

    Tula - Split 5

    We don't know much about the guest, but Lex will stay in the city but offline. Helping us with cameras from time to time.
  14. VoyeurVillaNews

    Tula - Split 5

    Thank you)
  15. VoyeurVillaNews


    Nicole will be visiting Pushkin tonight.