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  1. Great threesome just now and no mention on CC!
  2. End of an era. She had the confidence of George and often entertained Alan and Nina and others of the George family. Although mostly lesbian she would fondly flex Alan's manhood and was game for anything. A trouper to be sure and I echo gonzo in wishing her well.
  3. Happened to me on Sep 26th. As no one else complained I put it down to local factors rather than VH.
  4. Time for George to hold a party to liven things up.
  5. Putting on weight a bit but still an enjoyable figure. I just hope we see her again.
  6. Milana looking rather displeased at finding another woman in her apartment.
  7. Kylara definitely needs to get that mole on her back checked out in case it is malignant. Easier said than done in what is (medically speaking) rather third world.
  8. Not like Eliot to be awol. Who will look after the Harem?
  9. Currently I am just getting continuous, unceasing buffering on VH.
  10. I wish Kylara would change into her shorts.
  11. Suddenly the apartment is no fun any more.
  12. Not a technician but a pathetic twink taking up a valuable room that could be used for parties. Odd.
  13. I would like to think that Emily's terms were that she would return provided she was able to be shafted without interruption by men occasionally, but I don't suppose they were.
  14. Not only is it the violin the most difficult instrument to play but she is also playing from memory. Such a trouper. She is wasted here.
  15. My guess is that Lexa is recruiting her in some way for a Lexa relaunch.
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