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  1. Not Surprised ! when RLC has decided to gives all freeloaders one-way ticket,no pity for freeloaders,their chairs has empty for long time besides to all ex-renters..😉 in fact, this a wrong move it were expected due what they did in last 60 days when they opened a more of cams for free,they thought if they follow this rule(put the bait for the fishes for one time & you will catch them all ) it will succeed,so we will all see what the wrong step it leads for to more succeed or to more failure & this wrong step does it will cost them a majority of audience??!! or not.. they will see after period by statics what is the result what gives them polices like that! anyway we will loss for a while the rainbow color & other colors on Nina's hair..
  2. The video in the videos section ..😉😉
  3. Here a collection of Gif's for Emma's & Julio in this day ..😉😉
  4. Here a collection of Gif's for Leora's in this day ..😉😉
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