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  1. Very interesting. Let’s see some sparx people. 😂😂😂
  2. He might be better off as the living embodiment of Mr Magoo, to save whatever else is left of his sanity. 😜
  3. The Scots have trouble understanding Scottish. 😂😂😂
  4. You have just become too indifferent and cynical to everything jabs. Maybe you need a holiday mate. 😂😂😂😂
  5. What a change in Sergio though. It’s like day and night. Definitely more compatible than Melissa. So what, that there’s no more parties for a while. Can’t you all be happy for him that he is happy? its not like you all didn’t complain about the content and people at the parties also.
  6. Ahh, that’s the irony of this site, it’s basis is to provide eyes into their appartments, that’s the voyeur aspect and the whole reason for it. Your expectations of controlling them to please you, is no longer being a voyeur, but inserting yourself into the equation. I think if that’s the case, then maybe you need to find the ‘Director of porn house’ instead.
  7. It’s a game. But so what, don’t have expectations and then you won’t be disappointed. Just let it flow
  8. Probably built up too much excitement. Should of had another go
  9. What’s with all the drama in here?!? They were having so much fun earlier today, then guest girl started crying and now sina is on the couch. Is it because sina and her jealousy again? I know she likes to dominate the girls and loves to be rough with them. So obviously she isn’t the centre of attention again and that brings out her vindictive persona.
  10. Well I hope you guys work things out. I do think that a break is good for some people, I guess you both better take some time off from each other and look at what you really want from the relationship.
  11. I think he has a ticking time bomb inside of him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he throws a couple punches.
  12. It would be awesome if you learnt how to do that.
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