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  1. alt0na_O7

    Dana & Chris (2019) Part #1

    firstly I don't claim to be anyone's magician. It was perhaps in the history of Ukraine but it remained in the middle ages. This is my personal opinion. Well, let me ask you a few things. (Please replace yourself with separated women from VHTV) (except Alice) 1- If VHTV is real life, do you need to know your partner for a lesbian relationship or to be friends with her? 2- If you are really friends with Clara, won't you even visit an old friend of yours again if you have left VHTV? I don't know what they do. Maybe this could be a coincidence. But Zoi was a very good friend with Clara. Where has Zoi been for a long time if he didn't leave the city? She had sex with Cleo many times. So where is Cleo now? Competition brings success. But this is for the strong. Clara chooses competition only with the participants, which she considers risk. Others are already leaving pre-selection. ! I.M.O. ! Maybe Clara is not as ambitious as I thought she was. But if Clara is an ordinary woman. Why doesn't Clara visit anyone other than Tom, Stella, the bearded man, and the blonde middle-age woman? I still support them. Because, except for some sexual activities (funny group sex rituals), I respect the struggles and loves of life.
  2. alt0na_O7

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    the first entry was quite demanding. timid gazelle looks pretty newbie.
  3. alt0na_O7

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    classic male instinct "if it happens"
  4. alt0na_O7

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    enough for today.
  5. alt0na_O7

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    I guess he will succeed this time. but it is still early to talk before the head of the penis goes into her vagina. 😄 at least it's more exciting than some women participant's one-man game.
  6. alt0na_O7

    Dana & Chris (2019) Part #1

  7. alt0na_O7

    Dana & Chris (2019) Part #1

    See past participants in this category. Zoi, Cleo, Alice. Maybe Zoi's reason for leaving VHTV might be different. But the others were wiped and gone. I think it's a kind of "poison ivy" effect. She's an ambitious girl. I think Clara will not want another "princess" in Odessa. Is this bad? I do not think so. Her tactic makes her successful. VHTV participants have an average of 2-3 months of home life. It is a real success to live in VHTV for 15 months except for a few sex mistakes (T*M). Without group sex. Why doesn't Clara talk to Kathy often? Because the frequencies are opposite and Kathy is not an easy opponent. "If your opponents are bad, it is always easy to defeat them." and this is a secret rule in the world of women. I'm almost 40 years old, and if a woman likes and appreciates the other, she is either a lesbian or a fake liking. I'm not a woman enemy.. IMO
  8. alt0na_O7

    Dana & Chris (2019) Part #1

    I have a thesis that all the girls who enter the same bed with Clara will retire from VHTV. If it happens this time, it'il be no coincidence.
  9. I think they can stay a few more months. I'm guessing that sub-managers show "special" attention to them. the reason for sharing on last saturday was about them. I'm sure of it, even though we can't see them in the same frame. The only requirement: if that girl, Zoi, Alice, doesn't make Cleo's past mistakes.
  10. alt0na_O7

    Clara & Stas (2019) Part #1

    thanks.. but, after all, "Monday" I hope it will be a good day for you.