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  1. Isotonic serum in the kitchen table? Is there a patient in that house? Or are they drinking it?
  2. alt0na_O7

    Chris & Dana

    Her behaviour is like an another girl. Even so, it's nice.
  3. alt0na_O7

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    In my opinion, I think every house has a soul. A house witnessed the cries of pleasure of the people living in it, and witnessed the tears of pain. To me, the moment of moving from one house sometimes means too much emotion. The day after the move, that house always resembles a finished battlefield. You read a few lines of "voyeur" From a grumpy old man. I miss them. Hopefully they still have a Twitter account and a mobile phone...
  4. I agree with you. No one is trying to identify the name of this system. Voyeur? Porn? The new generation of VOYEUR-PORN? Maybe they don't give them a written script, but they're constantly whipping them to make more money. now for me, they are like chickens that are constantly associated with a rooster to make eggs in a farm. I'm not paying for this system anymore and I'm happy. Do not get it wrong. this is not an insult. it's just a metaphor. IMO.
  5. alt0na_O7

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    I don't know his religious belief, but if he has a heaven and hell belief, that man deserves to go to heaven. :)
  6. The subject of the vote here is "boredom". So voyeur-based boredom. my personal idea, voyeur-porn evolution of high-rated houses in the survey succeeded. I'm not surprised by the votes for the camshows. But I'm really surprised at the votes for C & S.
  7. alt0na_O7

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    Stas, that's what life is like, man. One quarter of men's life is waiting for women 🙂 OK you are very beautiful 🙂 finally...
  8. alt0na_O7

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    I had given that example only to emphasize how much I knew them and their body. Be sure, I never saw them in real life 🙂 Since last February, I've seen that girl more than Stas's. In Light-Photography, I don't know your profession, but if you were there and you could use a professional camera instead of VHTV's standard cameras, you could get rewards.
  9. alt0na_O7

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    LoL, you're right. Dh2995 is a gentleman Frenchman. Imagine? I even know the lips of that girl's vagina in centimeters. :) There's something good or bad that I expect to happen to them. I feel a surprise. If something good happens, DH, if something bad happens, everybody shares it. I hope everything will be fine for them
  10. alt0na_O7

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    If you asked me that question, I didn't renew my member. That's what I do in the monthly period. Because Vhtv can sometimes campaign. I'm not stingy, but my budget for fun is always limited. I've just been a member of this site to watch this House. But they've had a lot of change in the last six months. Clara doesn't even wear her famous blue shirt and black trousers anymore. It's a blue shirt with a metal corner accessory on the collar. Maybe I'll renew, May be not, idk. Do I enjoy it as much as I used to? I do not know.
  11. alt0na_O7

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    You're right, That girl should have more pictures here. I used to share more of them in the past. but I do not do that anymore. my personal reason is: - because they have so many routines and they do not like criticism. Common reasons: - unfortunately their fans are usually "freeloader". - I think they have many fans from low-income countries. example: $ 30 = 200 local currency in my own country. this payment equals the average food spending an average family would have for a week. (Maslow's hierarchy of needs) - they are now in voyeur-porn. again speaking for my own country: a man can do "anything he wants" for a week in Ukraine instead of paying $ 300 to watch them a year. Unfortunately, while the prices of VHTV are normal for someone living in Europe and America, it is expensive for a tenant or someone who lives at a similar low income level. This, in turn, affects the participation of new members and therefore the multiplicity of sharing. - DH2995 is a great sharer. Dh2295 shares so many excellent pictures that it is enough for those who can "This is enough for me". 🙂 After a few hours, my membership will ends. I'm still undecided. Because I've experienced a lot of things that hurt me here since my last member. I love them, but loyalty is an important value for me.