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  1. It's not even possible to become a member, at least for now...
  2. This wait seems to take many years. 😄 Sometimes I wait for these "brutal years" to pass by watching those that legendary videos containing Tim and Clara.
  3. that girl could be bent wonderfully. and he would show every hole very boldly. and that girl would trust herself very much. and that girl was disloyal. 😄
  4. He may have found a way to solve the Ukrainian-style problem.
  5. They (New site) can be successful if there is no ridiculously expensive price and they give CC the right to publish pictures. The contents will certainly be simple porn that looks like voyeuristic. For C&S, nothing will change and nothing new. As a mindset. Except for the house, the country, the friends.
  6. I can't answer that. But in six days, we're going to celebrate the second anniversary of the first rapprochement. :)
  7. I've always admired Tim, even if he failed in that movie. At least he tried what thousands of men dreamed of doing.
  8. If his reputation here wasn't bad, maybe I'd accept it. I don't sweat as much as he does when I have sex. 🙂 But I've dreamed many times that I'm the guy in that video
  9. I have the utmost respect for you, my friend. 👏 I hope the new system requires a change of partner..
  10. I'm sure dh2995 sees us from somewhere. Come on, I'm not important, but he... Vefa is just a district name in Istanbul...
  11. If I lived in the Middle Ages, I'd think she was created by God to fascinate men. Even if I don't approve of Clara's lifestyle today, I'm part of the male audience she fascinates.
  12. deer is defined as "unnecessary, empty, meaningless conversation, chat" in my country. I used it for myself. The term antlers is used for people who have been cheated by their lover or husband / wife. Thanks for the compliment. I wish I lived in the 70s when the world was more beautiful. life in a theater. If you're not an actor, you're an audience. but what you play or watch is always a scenario. I wish money was less important in all our lives though. I will continue to seek true love.
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