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  1. Any news from the disappeared participants? Will they come back? Are they in good health? Do you still provide their livelihood? I know you won't answer these questions, and I thank you anyway!
  2. Through CC I've seen, VHTV is now working with professionals.
  3. I don't understand what you mean, but I think it's a good thing. after all, the priests don't say bad words.
  4. Even if Vhtv made a deal with Marilyn Monroe, if Clara is gone, I'm out.. I don't even want to criticize anymore.
  5. If they can't bring Clara back, it doesn't matter to me...
  6. she was a princess for me ... hopefully they are still good. middle aged redhead woman with bearded old man is still having sex? and Clara continues masturbating by looking at them? Her long lips on her vagina ...
  7. I'm sure Clara is jealous if she sees this. 😄 I am no longer a member. Did her asshole remain open all the time? I wondered about it. That girl's fart doesn't even smell bad. The ventilation seems to have remained active for a long time.
  8. It bothered me that those two boys couldn't get an erection.
  9. Last night at this home, a normal sexual man had moments that made me say, "Oh, I was going to be there." Those boys were gay, or they were afraid that the big man sleeping in bed would be mad at them. 😄
  10. I have tried to intensify them in the last period. it was a small test. Would they sacrifice their love for money and fame? What would happen if they stayed? we would see it. my personal opinion Stas would not allow it. he had a job and could earn a little bit of money. Clara had a job before she started on VHTV. They tried to learn life, and this was a great experience for them. it is sometimes better to work freely on your own small boat than to be a captain in the Titanic. I hope they get married and have two kids.
  11. They're coming to the line I've been saying many months. But it was too late. The spell is broken. If there's no C&S, I'm out. If Stas is not going to slap Kathy and Clara as a rematch, I'm out. The last two days, I've been browsing a few times today. Some were asleep, others were busy on the phone. For me, it doesn't contain the old taste. Bending performance is always important..
  12. For now, only porn material producers seem to be in trouble. and only according to the laws of Ukraine. if we narrow it down, only according to the laws of Odessa.
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