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  1. Yes, that guy, Tom. On weekends, he doesn't change...
  2. Have any idea why Stas hasn't come home for the last few days?
  3. Rahmetli Tim reyize vermiş bi kere, ilk eve girdiklerinde. ben de görmedim. o da sikememiş adamakıllı. öyle işte, burdaki sazanları oyalayıp duruyorlar. hayatları şov. burdaki eskiler ne ayak olduklarını çözdü, pek de takipçisi kalmadı. dh2995 bile geri dönmedi. bi ara bende sıkı takipçiydim. ama şimdi salıverdim. ha dolar 4e, 4,5 a inse üye olurum ama şu ortamda gereksiz.
  4. zannetmem, işte öyle karnına poposuna eller ancak. düşen popülaritesini ayakta tutmak için kasıyor bu ara. belli de olmaz. ama Stas efendi affetmez......!! :)
  5. hayır, o adam Tom değil, masör Sergei. Yakın arkadaşlarıdır kendisi. Ufak tefek heyecan yaşatır ama bi cacık olmaz.
  6. I'm not watching VHTV anymore. Reason 1: Not realistic, fake shows. (of course there are exceptions) Reason 2: I think the participants are working in dangerous conditions with low payments. For about before 3 months, many houses have been closed and have not published a serious announcement. Suddenly, they cannot guarantee that no Mafia or police will enter a VHTV house. Reason 3: As a character, I think that the "really good" participants spend their future cheaply. Maybe if I was a customer of VHTV, I would criticize the camera angles. But that's no important for me. I love C & S. They're a good couple.
  7. I'm glad they came back. But if @dh2995 's not around, it's not enough for me...
  8. Why did I write this? "Individual stability" is important if you are living a life that everyone sees. In essence they are probably good people but for those who want to see something new out of sexuality they are now over. "If there is a love of envy, voyeur is limited." modern man (including me) is insatiable. always new, always different. the two men who ended them: Tim, Tom.
  9. Don't worry, there's nothing new we haven't seen before. (except for the red shirt Diva wears now)
  10. A few people here call C "cactus." I think that girl is a poison ivy. She somehow eliminated every girl she touched on her vagina. Eventually she made a massacre and there was no home in Odessa. :D Now she is trying to rise again from her ashes.
  11. Do you know their chaturbate address?
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