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  1. Stas, you're what a resourceful man. 👍🍽️
  2. no such exciting events happen in the houses I follow. 😄 joking aside, if there is violence, I am against it. I hope they come back.
  3. I'm guessing this will end up in a fight. I hope not, but that seems inevitable.
  4. anyone have any idea what they're trying to do? Middle-eastern looking bearded brunette male does not look normal.
  5. Unfortunately, the world is not just about us. There are millions of young people looking for video on the Internet to masturbate.
  6. I think Clara is making videos to sell on CB or other porn sites. If Clara sees us as a customer base ready to buy, she can declare it here.
  7. If something happened, @Amy3 would share it. If Kate becomes a guest in this house again, and Stas fucks her wildly, it might be worth a story for me.
  8. Masör Sergei. Yakın aile dostu. Takip et de, birşey olmaz ama yine de birşey olursa Stas'a haber verelim. 😄
  9. Sensual and long-term kiss when you wake up in the morning. Then morning sex. Clara's long bathing adventures. Guests in the evening. Including Tom. But of course, pretty girls, too. Like Kate. Camera angles that even free viewers can use in the mirror. The first home was a wonderful place about it. In short, a life where cameras don't care. I haven't been a full member in a long time. Maybe this is happening, but I can't see it. Because there are very few shared here. What do you think is the reason for this? Clara doesn't give a damn about me, but I think CB's postponed. I'm glad. Those who do not want to masturbate while chatting (real voyeur lovers) want innovation, a little excitement. Little surprises. Now summer. I think you went to the sport or the sea in the morning. And the fact that not a single picture of this house has been shared for days has encouraged me to ask this question. I confess, I didn't expect you to answer.
  10. Nothing happens in this house anymore?
  11. kesin onlar bu bayram geyiğe girdiler. aşağısı kurtarmaz. bu 250 gram nelere kadir, ne delikanlıları bitiriyor.
  12. Don't worry, there's nothing you're missing. Anyway, it's always the same
  13. It is easier to travel directly to Ukraine without dealing with such details. It is always the most useful interaction to touch. 😄
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