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  1. I'm sorry but what's going on here? I understand nothing
  2. Two or three days ago she was asking her subscribers for help to house her somewhere in Rome, so the problem must be serious. Last night she showed herself in the dark at home with candles, she speaks Russian so I do not understand what she says I'm sorry 😢
  3. Masha still shares videos on her social networks where she shows up with candles and complaining about the blackout
  4. According to his social networks, Masha is no longer in his apartment since the blackout, the electricity issue must be serious
  5. The site has updated Dasha and Sasha left but they arranged to "hide" the news so that it does not appear directly at the top of the site when we connect
  6. They changed the name of the house, but not announced the departure of Sasha and Dasha, I still hope they continue the adventure in a new RLC house 😍😢 Ils ont changé le nom de la maison, mais pas annoncé le départ de Sasha et Dasha, j'ai encore l'espoir qu'ils continuent l'aventure dans une nouvelle maison RLC 😍😢
  7. It's such a sad day for RLC, even if the couple's life was boring for a long time already they will miss. Masha is the last one for which I also stay. I hope that no longer having Sasha in the same house Masha will pass to something else, new relationships, opening up to new people, living a new love story maybe.
  8. One of you took images when they left? They took the cats too?
  9. Masha has her flaws but she has always been a loyal and caring friend
  10. They have been in a couple for 7 or 8 years, you do not see the person in the same way after all this time together to share a sexual intimacy. He knows her, there is no more mystery. He does not want her any more, even though she can walk naked in front of him. By the way Dasha and Sasha went to Sicily for a romantic trip by night, which explains the " Horny Dasha " mood when they return to the apartment.
  11. It's funny, it looks like Masha is deliberately staying in the living room constantly to keep Sasha and Dasha away from intimacy
  12. Masha is getting ready for Sasha's return today. She was very wise during the absence of the man she loves. She really wants to get him back!
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