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  1. Thanks BlackLeone! Love her natural body. Little titties can be sexy too...and she has a great ass! But I can't understand him jacking off on the floor.
  2. As I understand it, residents are required to go offline whenever there may be a minor in the apt, so I believe residents are able to go UM themselves.
  3. WOW. By my count, they got it on three times this evening...just finished the third round. I had hoped this would be a fun apartment, and everything seems to point that way. Damn, she's hot in a girl-next-door way. Can't wait to see videos of them in action!
  4. Yup. She seems as ready and anxious as Ulyana. This should be a fun apartment!
  5. Looks like Malia when they were in Siberia. (Content No Longer Available)
  6. You're absolutely right Emmett111. I love natural no matter what the size...and Linda and Martina are both spectacular! Same with the nether region...a neatly trimmed bush makes a woman look like a woman. Many will disagree, and that's OK...to each their own!
  7. Sure, she's attractive, but the breasts just don't fit. They are so obviously fake...I preferred her with her itty bitty titties before the surgery. When she's dressed she's a knockout, but naked not so much. Just one guy's opinion...
  8. I was surprised to hear Masha speak in English with her recent fuck buddy. She lives in Rome so I would guess she speaks Italian as well...anybody know how many languages she speaks?
  9. Yes, I remember her with Kenny the slob, but never saw her getting it on with him. I would like to see a M-F video; just wondering if one exists online. She and Amanda would often get it on towards the last days of that apartment.
  10. Does anybody have a video of her actually fucking? I watched her in several different apartments over the past couple years and never saw her take a cock. If she ever did I'd like to see it.
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