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  1. I hope so. I understand that miracles can be performed immediately, but the impossible will take a little longer 😁 Is there any update on the Yekaterinburg sites.
  2. I agree, I don't think we will see them again. It is a pity as I will miss Lilka, she was a very sexy lady.
  3. Well I notice that Karina is still there on the sofa at the moment, so I don't think she is going anywhere soon.
  4. Looks like M&A have just joined the rest of the George empire. Offline at the moment and I suppose soon to disappear from the list. I suppose that this is now Odesa mk2. It seems to follow a similar pattern. Maybe VH will need to rethink their strategy.
  5. Ah, forgot about them. Maybe not for much longer.
  6. Now all Georges sites except Milly removed from the list.
  7. I noticed that the timezones have now been changed to +6 for Milly and Sina/Jules. Maybe trying to deflect the attention.
  8. Yes gone. the lover arrived and they went to the bedroom, site froze and then disappeared from the list. Maybe George and Jules have a plan to censor Sina.
  9. I think that she is pregnant. She took a home pregnancy test 3 weeks ago and it looked like it was positive by her reaction, lots of tears and deep breaths, then phone calls to 2 guys, she then kept looking at the test until she went out in a hurry after receiving another call. Maybe that is what she told Mr. Shitty Cams, and he wanted to see how her tits were developing.
  10. That was the fight between Jakar and the guest. Time to run Lilka, you can do so much better.
  11. N&K watching VH and having some buffing problems, but not as bad as I am getting.
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