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  1. While all these fake card games. It's a foregone conclusion that at some stage #52 will be led into the bedroom for the obligatory fuck, before being discarded for #53. Does Misty have these wasters on speed dial? She deserves better than this.
  2. I know this might sound a little weird, but as a non-subscriber (no bedroom action) I have not been able to see the size of this young mans cock yet. How does it compare to say Dick's (TK)? Looking forward to some free videos being put up soon.
  3. This bastard Kirill is a dangerous psychopath and should be arrested for assault. What a complete and utter coward, disgraceful behaviour for a so called man.
  4. Hello, hello, Masha, anyone at home! This is now beyond stupid.
  5. It is extremely hard to believe that people are still subscribing to RLC. The Masha situation is ridiculous, and RLC should just close.
  6. Sina, Jules, George and 2 guest girls. Sina does not look happy for some reason, hardly speaking to anyone.
  7. Yes, this is very much the end game for Masha now. She has been holed up in her bunker (bedroom) too depressed to even show herself, and interact as a RLC tenant.
  8. In my view, I think that we can safely say that this apartment is now all but closed. What a shame to see it go down hill so quickly. Quite sad.
  9. Really don't understand Masha at the moment. An empty apartment for her to play in, but she is rarely there. Time enough for things to change though, perhaps TK will come to satisfy her 😛
  10. Well that massage was a real let down. Masha never even gave her pussy a rub.
  11. I just wish that Masha would sort out the sofa bed in the LR. Pull it down, get the sheets on, and lets see some action in the LR. Pretty please!
  12. Cheers happyone. Now I'm the happyone. Looking forward to Masha inviting lots of special guests to stay over the coming weeks.
  13. Sorry for my ignorance, but my Spanish is non - existant. So Masha has a friend staying with her, is that right?
  14. I am not a subscriber, so can only view the bedroom cam on the very small window of the main LR. Their seems to be two people on the bed at the moment. I assume one of them is Masha, who is the other one please?
  15. Yes. Took her bra off (with just panties on) and got on the sofa bed and cuddled up to Sasha, right in front of Dasha, who seems quite happy with the situation.
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