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  1. There seems to be quite large gaps between Masha's gentleman friends visiting. You would think that at least one of them would return now and again to keep her pussy moist.
  2. 15/01/2020 - Is Sina going to seduce the girl in the LR? Not much conversation, girl sitting very close.
  3. Would just like to say that Ilka's tits are magnificent, and ready for a Jules special massage.
  4. who is Masha's conquest please. Is it Nelly, Sophia?
  5. Massage table in place. Who is going to be the lucky recipient of Jules's hands and cock!
  6. I wonder what the gorgeous Cleo is up to these days? Have always thought that she and Oscar would be worthy of their own apartment (despite the outrageous massage teasing that Oscar had to endure a while ago). Will never happen I know, but her old clips are still worth watching.
  7. Recently came across a video of a Black Guy fucking Masha in the BR, which turned to anal sex. When did this happen?
  8. Be interesting to see who Masha pairs off with. My money's on the black guy. Sophia not involved yet. In the BR with her phone.
  9. Prediction: When this apartment is up and running again the free LR cam will no longer exist. In its place will be just another view of an electric kettle and dining room table to salivate over in the kitchen. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. Isa and Bart have now left the project.
  11. Hope to see some action on the LR sofa bed this time.
  12. Lover Alert.... Looks like he just arrived. Pizza and wine on the kitchen/diner table. Not the sort you would be expecting. Quite thin build, glasses, nerdy look. Must have a big cock!
  13. Bye Bye Vania, time for a new #. Misty can get better than him surely.
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