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  1. Freddy

    This is the only apartment on VHTV where guests regularly cover cams. No other apartment suffers this problem. I do find it puzzling that someone moans that people are moaning about covering of cams. That is what forums are here for - to talk about what is going on at the apartments. And when rules are broken people complain - that is natural, normal and expected. If was are only allowed to post postitive comments and never post anything critcial or negative, the forum would be a pretty boring place.
  2. Freddy

    Been catching up with the last 24 hours via timeline and I noticed that the guest yesterday evening covered the bathroom cam whilst he showered. I have never known an apartment like this for covering cams.
  3. Chad & Todd

    Todd's got Chad tied and blindfolded
  4. Minnie & Voodoo

    The apartment has been live for 2 days now and I've only seen 1 female there - so not a lot of talking happening.
  5. Chad & Todd

    Blond guest showered naked but the other 2 didn't, they just washed their feet in the bath clothed.
  6. Chad & Todd

    Todd's prepared the air bed in the lounge, so looks like 2 of the guests will be sleeping in the lounge, probably the 3rd guest on the livingroom sofa. As there isn't a door between the lounge and livingroom, I doubt the couple in the lounge will have any sex.
  7. Freddy

    Lol, I'm not worried about Freddy becoming straight. I'm more worried about the status of the apartment if it ends up with more straight sex than gay sex taking place. We only have 2 gay apartments, we need another gay guy living there to replace Jasen.
  8. Freddy

    Isn't the girl moving in tonight? If she walks in on naked guest boy in the livingroom, she might want him for herself.
  9. Chad & Todd

    They've already started playing cards. At least with 3 guests if C & T start fighting, the guests can go and have sex in another room.
  10. Chad & Todd

    A third guest has arrived.
  11. Chad & Todd

    Chad and Todd have a guest couple visiting (or a couple of guests as I don't actually know if they are a couple).
  12. Freddy

    Can't say I'm happy about having a bi female moving in. Mind you, I don't suppose Misty fans would be happy if Misty posted that a gay male was moving in with her. But that would never happen. So if we have gay Freddy fucking guys and bi female fucking males and females. Where will the apartment go in the new VHTV structure? Gay website (for Freddy fucking guys), Lesbian website (for new female fucking females) or Main website (for new female fucking males)?
  13. Chad & Todd

    Now some rimming.
  14. Chad & Todd

  15. Chad & Todd

    Chad is sucking cock whilst Todd is trying to watch TV.