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  1. @StnCld316 another one for the archives.
  2. Isa & Bart have left. @StnCld316 can you move to the archives.
  3. Using Cornelius old realm number 51, so should be managed by Alex & Lina.
  4. Welcome to Adam & Eva. @StnCld316 can you add please?
  5. Half correct. The operators get access to 48 hour timeline, but don't get a free sub.
  6. Yes there were managed by Alex/Lina. Alex & Lina now only have 1 apartment left on VHTV - Pablo & Secilia. In the past, Alex & Lina managed over half the apartments on VHTV. Wonder how long Pablo & Secilia will stay.
  7. The 2 guys were kissing each other in the shower.
  8. The party was supposed to start almost 2 hours ago. Looks like the advertised "special guests" didn't turn up.
  9. Did the site close? They seem to have no apartments online at the moment.
  10. Today guest guy took his first shower since moving in on 11th September.
  11. Well that just shows how much respect they have for their paying customers. I won't be creating any archive moments for this apartment until they stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about the viewing experience of the people that are paying their wages.
  12. Thanks @StnCld316 Now can you change it to "Stella & Stephan, Devils Kos" 🙂
  13. Lazy or shy? Fucking without removing a single item of clothing.
  14. A bit of action in the white bedroom. 4 camera's there, only 2 angles that this bed can be seen on are here -
  15. I thought Jeka was the manager. I'm sure I saw him there earlier.
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