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  1. stanley

    Misty & Kyle

    @StnCld316 I'm sure you're busy, but just wanted to remind you that Kyle needs adding when you have a spare moment.
  2. stanley

    Diana & Melany

    Looks like Diana is leaving - bed is stripped and bags are packed.
  3. stanley

    Lily & Matteo

    Now back online.
  4. The apartment is now back to Misty & Kyle. @StnCld316 can you amend?
  5. stanley

    Lily & Matteo

    Lilly and Matteo are undergoing the famous "maintenance" and will be back online on Sunday - translated into English that means the guests that don't want to be on cam will be leaving on Sunday.
  6. stanley

    Amy & Luke

    Amy and Luke haven't left, they are relocating and will be back online very soon.
  7. 4 new participants added this week - Ruby, Evelina, Chris & Dana. VHTV has been live for exactly 20 months today and has hit the double century - 201 to be exact. That's an average of 10 participants per month.
  8. stanley

    Chris & Dana

    Surely VHTV wouldn't launch/re-launch 5 consecutive all girl apartments, or have they given up on males? I'm really hoping that Chris is a guy.
  9. stanley

    Chris & Dana

    Is this Chris or a tech guy?
  10. stanley

    Chris & Dana

    @StnCld316 can you do your stuff with this thread?
  11. Welcome to Chris and Dana, the new occupants of realm 8. Only seen 1 person so far - Could be Dana or a female Chris.
  12. stanley

    Viki & Kate Part #2

    VHTV have a different definition of "couple" to me. It's been 8 days - which is 6 days longer than what most people consider a couple of days - and the apartment is still offline.
  13. Gia, Anthony, Emma, Victoria, Stacey & Bridgette added, bringing total to 197.
  14. stanley

    Gia & Anthony

    It has to be a deliberate thing because it would be totally impossible to try for the best possible placements and fail so badly.
  15. Noah & Mila added today to make 191. Getting close to 200, should be up to 193 this weekend when Anthony and Gia are added. Noah is the second Noah to live in realm 4. Are they running out of names to give them?