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  1. Violet & Jeff

    I always watched from angle #2 at Jeka's old place, I found that to be the better angle. But surely the obvious solution is to have 2 cams in the bathroom and give us the choice of angle.
  2. “Escape from the everyday’s’ life” project.

    This weeks are now up - only Tver and Dubna. I guess Tula really did have an escape this week.
  3. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    I would rate them 5 out of 10 at the moment. But only that high because they have a gay apartment and that's something no-one else offers now. Without a gay apartment I would barely rate them 1 out of 10.
  4. Violet & Jeff

    To illustrate my point. Which view is best? Picture 1 - the straight on view from Jeff & Violets old apartment Picture 2 - the top of the head view from Henry and Mira's apartment
  5. Violet & Jeff

    Suppose it's a matter of personal taste. But for me the bathroom cam is the most important cam in the apartment. But so often we get better views from hall cams and kitchen cams than we do from bathroom cams. In my opinion, the bathroom cam should be positioned to give the best posible view of a person stood up in the shower/bath and really there should be 2 cams in every bathroom. They wouldn't dream of having only 1 cam in a main bedroom or livingroom, but we have to put up with only 1 cam in an important room like a bathroom.
  6. Violet & Jeff

    I'm sure that fans of looking down at the tops of peoples heads when showering will be really happy with the placement of the bathroom cam. But for me, that view is really poor.
  7. Jerar, Whitney and Ronny now make 168 participants. Whitney is the first ever participant starting with a W. Only Q, U and Y letters remain unused now - so we need Quin, Una and Yvonne to join next
  8. The way things are going we will get to 200 participants by the end of the month just from realm 8. Kristin & Steve added to make 165.
  9. Violet & Jeff

    Anyone thinking that Jeff & Violet aren't returning? Remember a previous Jeka apartment - Artur & Carole? We were told they were relocating never for them to return.
  10. We move up to 162 with the addition of Grace, Jacob, Rita & Bob
  11. Are they leaving? Haven't seen Taylor for a few days and Kayla is packing clothes in a suitcase.
  12. Alan & Evi made 157 on 30th March. Today Tara makes 158 participants.
  13. Dubna Apartment - Split 1

    @VoyeurVillaNews You need to have words with the Dubna people. The bathroom cam was deliberately covered over and has been covered now for over 3 hours. In my opinion this is not acceptable behaviour.
  14. Mark

    The new girl is very shy. She showers, dresses and undresses inside the shower cubicle with the door closed.