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  1. Chad & Todd

    Yeah, the big major news that was the centrepiece of their 1st birthday celebrations now abandoned only 2 months later. I suspect that if manager George wasn't missing they would have told him to replace Chad and Todd with a lesbian or hetrosexual couple by now.
  2. Lina and Dominica added, now 134.
  3. I wonder how complex it is to add preview thumbs to the website? Motion detection was promised to us as long ago as 8th November 2016 On 19th November 2016 we were told I'd love to have an update from VHTV on the next newsletter as to the progress of these 2 much requested and essential features.
  4. Chad & Todd

    I'm hopeful that Freddy's realm will return at some point as a gay apartment. They could have re-used Freddy's realm 16 when they launched the Jeka managed Stella and Stephan apartment but allocated it a new realm number instead. I don't know where manager George has vanished to, but I do wish he would return soon to work his magic in transforming Chad and Todd into a more interesting apartment, in the same way he did with Alan and Nina by introducing Serena. Maybe he could spice things up by turning the lounge into a second bedroom and moving someone else in. But nothing is going to happen whilst he continues to be absent. And who knows but the missing realms 23 and 24 could be reserved for gay apartments.
  5. Might seem like nothing to you, but I like watching them in the shower often more so than watching them having sex. We all prefer different things. Wonder how people would react if VHTV started allowing participants to have sex under transparent bed sheets.
  6. This is an example from Anna & Alex apartment. Dispite the transparent shower curtain, you can't see much, most people probably couldn't even tell who was behind the curtain.
  7. But for the first month they were there they had no curtain. The curtain isn't that transparent, you can't see much when the curtain is drawn. Any bathroom that needs a curtain should have the camera at the other side of the curtain - like in the Ella/Isaac place or Mira/Henry.
  8. I remember in the old days, VHTV used to issue warnings to manager for people closing shower curtains when showering (I'm thinking about back in the days of Mia & Kenny), now it's just common practice and nothing gets done. Even Anna and Alex themselves hide behind a curtain in their own apartment.
  9. I guarantee it won't do any good. I made a ticket before and they said they would pass the request on to the managers, closed the ticket and nothing changed.
  10. Someone needs to tell Alex and Anna that we don't want to watch shower curtains in their apartments.
  11. Ella & Isaac

    Ella and Isaac may not be fully aware of the rules. We saw with Lily and Noah that the participants don't always sign the contracts until after they have moved in. If Ella and Isaac only flew in from Moscow yesterday they probably haven't signed yet and may not have been explained all the rules.
  12. Ella & Isaac

    Think the girl has just come with the couple that are helping to swap the bed. But VHTV should really have taken the apartment offline for an hour or so.
  13. Ella & Isaac

    Isaacs turn to bath.
  14. Ella & Isaac

    This is their profile - https://camcaps.net/profile/70842-alexlina/ They last visited CC 10 hours ago, so they do still read the forum.
  15. Ella & Isaac

    This is one of the cams that I think should be moved. I'm not a big fan of looking down on someone in the bath. Betty & Rick's bath cam is a good example of where a bath cam should be.