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  1. Grace and Tony are gone now. Camarads apartments are dropping like flies, they've gone from 16 to 10 in the last couple of weeks.
  2. My point is if they are doing a large scale update, why only make it known on here on a forum. There isn't, nor has there ever been, anything on their website about going offline or the dates they will be offline. Surely they would have made the news clear on their own website to ALL their members and not to a tiny percentage of them here on this forum. If this is planned maintenance then they suck big time in telling their customers their plans.
  3. They've been offline for a week now, there was no warning that there was going to be planned downtime. There still isn't anything on their website apologising for the downtime and giving any update to their viewers as to if or when they will return. They still appear to be accepting new subscriptions. They last visited this forum 8 hours ago - but chose not to post any information or apology or update. It's hard to not come to the conclusion that it is currently a scam.
  4. I cancelled when gay couple Alex & Tony left. Despite LiveUnderCam saying on here they were going to have more gay apartments they chose to offer none at all. When they had the 30% off offer last week I was tempted to re-join. I'm now glad I didn't. I'm guessing that they ran out of money and the 30% off offer was a desperate attempt to bring in new money that didn't work. I'm sad to see this site go as I was a member for about 12 months.
  5. I presume this is sarcasm as VHTV wouldn't know honesty if it bit them in the face.
  6. Difference with Juliet is that there had been many rule violations before she was removed, this is the first time for Melina and Dilan.
  7. Milena was in the apartment every night since it opened. If being boring is a reason to close an apartment then I guess we will be seeing 20+ other apartments closed down shortly.
  8. A couple of the guests had been there before, but there were a couple that I hadn't seen before.
  9. I was watching last night and didn't see any rules being violated. They will probably now tell us that Dilan has been kicked out for rule violation even though he was seen packing his stuff long before the so called rule violation.
  10. It's one of the things that is really poor about VHTV how they have no problem telling their customers bare faced lies.
  11. Guest girl didn't want to shower on cam.
  12. Dilan definitely packed his suitcase yesterday and removed about 3 bags of belongings, so either he is leaving or relocating. My guess is that they didn't get him to sign a contract when he moved in (he moved in 24 hours after Milena, so maybe wasn't there when Milena signed up) and so they were getting all the paperwork sorted before he moved out.
  13. I don't think he was all that shy, it was more that his boyfriend was shy. Twitter says the apartment is offline for technical reasons. We all know it is offline because they are moving out - so why not just tell the truth to us.
  14. I'm sure you'll all be delighted to hear that Dilan is packing all his belongings, so looks like he's leaving. Me personally am gutted as Dilan was the first gay participant at VHTV in well over a year, so even though he didn't do much, it was better than the nothing we now go back to.
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