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  1. stanley

    Chris & Dana

    It does seem like the way for couples to get the prime top of the list spot is to go away for a couple of days. Happened with Darcie & Stiffler and now with Chris & Dana.
  2. stanley

    Julya & Raul

    The VHTV newsletter on 21st July confirmed that Julya and Raul had left the project, so I think this should be moved to archive.
  3. stanley

    Zack & Blonde

    Strictly speaking he should be called "Blond" as Blonde with an e at the end usually refers to a female and Blond without an e refers to a male.
  4. List updated with new participants from last couple of weeks. Also current participants are now listed in red. Latest update: 17th August 2018 - Valerie, Glen, Monica, Dan, Sasha, Alice, Spartak, Stacey, Kris, Dana, Clay, Blaine, Jesse, Garry & Scarlet added Total = 229
  5. A quick count and there are 35 people listed there as current participants who are no longer online.
  6. stanley

    Tula - Split 5

    Is anything going to replace Tula? With Puskin and Mark offline that will leave you with only 3 online apartments (well actually 2 and Sun/Tanya just cover the cams or switch them off when there is anything interesting happening).
  7. stanley

    Tanya & Sun

    What is the point in this apartment being online if everytime anything interesting happens they just switch off the cams or cover them with towels? Zoes interrogation of Sun didn't have any effect at all. @VoyeurVillaNews you need to do something about this and quickly. It is giving your site a bad name and will lose you subscribers.
  8. stanley

    Sydney & Mick

    Rebecca seems to have moved out as the apartment is now Sydney & Mick. @StnCld316 can you rename?
  9. stanley

    Tanya & Sun

    Here's what the guest was so desperate for us not to see.
  10. stanley

    Tanya & Sun

    The guest should be told to leave the apartment and not come back. If he doesn't want to be on cam then he shouldn't be there. Sun should also be punished as he was present when the bedroom cams were turned off.
  11. stanley

    Tanya & Sun

    Looking at the timeline, the 3 cams in the bedroom all stopped working for just over 15 minutes. There couldn't have been anything wrong with the internet connection as every other cam in the aprtment continued to work.
  12. stanley

    Tanya & Sun

    I liked this as well. Another shy guest, this one kept his back to the camera at all times. But forgot we could see all in the mirror. 🤣
  13. stanley

    Tanya & Sun

    From a couple of days ago - one of the guest guys tried to cover the bathroom cam when he showered - unfortunately for him the towel didn't stay in place 🤣
  14. stanley

    Sam & Fin

    It's fixed now. Thanks.
  15. stanley


    Thanks for the update. Hope Mark sorts out the things he needs to do. I for one will miss him 🙂