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  1. It's been on your site for over a week now and I haven't seen a guy on any of the cams. This apartment is just a total bore.
  2. Well if Sam starts playing around with another guy, I will definitely re-join your site.
  3. Is this a lesbian apartment or will we see guys as well?
  4. I probably has more to do with the amount of time they spend in the kitchen, but the kitchen cam covers the entire kitchen and so the other kitchen cam angle is not really needed. Maybe you could use the money you made from the fines imposed to buy a new extra camera for the apartment?
  5. 1st preference = Extra cam in the hall 2nd preference = Move kitchen cam 4 to the hall 3rd preference = Don't bother with a hall cam Moving a living room cam should not be an option.
  6. I agree. @LifeUnderCam did post on here that they were looking to launch more gay apartments but instead they have given us less.
  7. What can they do about it though? The site really only survives on this apartment, so if they close the apartment down, how many people would continue to pay for the other 3 apartments? If they have warned and fined Tanya & Friends on multiple occasions and they still continue to break the rules, what else can they do? Tanya knows that the site can't survive without her apartment so there's no real incentive for her to follow the rules.
  8. stanley

    Alex & Tony

    It's a 24 hour replay. There's no activity graph, so you can't easily see where anything interesting might be, you just have to keep randomly clicking on the time bar at regular intervals.
  9. stanley

    Alex & Tony

    I subscribe to your site because you have a gay apartment. It's disapointing to hear that Tony and Alex are leaving and doubly disapointing to hear that you are not replacing them with another gay couple. I have enjoyed being a member of your site for the last 6+ months, but my subsciption will end when my current month is over. Hopefully one day you will have another gay couple and I will return.
  10. stanley

    Alex & Tony

    @LifeUnderCam Alex and Tony seem to have packed up all their belongings. Are they moving to another apartment or leaving the project?
  11. Yes there is a 24 hour replay for subscribers.
  12. stanley

    Alex & Tony

    I'm sure something interesting did happen, just a shame that they decided not to let us watch.
  13. stanley

    Alex & Tony

    Oh dear. Perhaps next time Alex & Tony are away, they should invite some different friends that aren't going to cover up the cams. This couple covered both livingroom cams for an hour this evening.
  14. The bathroom cam was moved by a guest yesterday. The black haired guy tried to put it back in place but it is still too high. @VoyeurVillaNews can you get Tanya to move it down please?
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