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  1. This problem could be very easily resolved by giving access back to the volunteers. VHTV paid staff could still make as many or as few videos as they wanted, but this could be supplemented by videos from the volunteers. This fix could be implemented within minutes and the problem would be solved. Every business makes mistakes, but successful businesses learn from their mistakes and don't bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem goes away.
  2. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that VHTV had no idea just how time consuming it is to create the videos. It looks like they thought they could create 100+ videos in half an hour, when in reality the total hours spent by all the volunteers probably added up to a full time job. Are they too proud/stubborn to go back to the volunteers and admit they cocked up and would they help out again?
  3. They've just added a massive 4 more videos today. I guess after all that hard work they are taking a well deserved rest.
  4. 1) Well in the 4 days since they started the new arrangement they have released a total of 25 videos. Old policy = 100+ videos per day average New policy = 6 videos per day average So it looks like their reasoning for saving the videos themselves was to drastically reduce the number of videos. 2) I don't like the generic video titles "Adam & Eva have Sex" & "Alan have sex with girlfriend". When we look back at an apartments video archive we are going to get a page full of videos all called Adam & Eva have sex. 3) I thought that as they were creating their own videos now, the videos would be released much earlier as they could approve their own videos immediately. That doesn't seem to be the case. 4) I can't think of a single thing to say that demonstrates any part of this new archive policy that is an improvement on the old.
  5. Unless VHTV make a public statement on how they wish to proceed, I would suggest if there is something people really want saving that you let them know via a support ticket.
  6. Isa & Bart have left. @StnCld316 can you move to the archives.
  7. Using Cornelius old realm number 51, so should be managed by Alex & Lina.
  8. Welcome to Adam & Eva. @StnCld316 can you add please?
  9. Half correct. The operators get access to 48 hour timeline, but don't get a free sub.
  10. Yes there were managed by Alex/Lina. Alex & Lina now only have 1 apartment left on VHTV - Pablo & Secilia. In the past, Alex & Lina managed over half the apartments on VHTV. Wonder how long Pablo & Secilia will stay.
  11. The 2 guys were kissing each other in the shower.
  12. The party was supposed to start almost 2 hours ago. Looks like the advertised "special guests" didn't turn up.
  13. Did the site close? They seem to have no apartments online at the moment.
  14. Today guest guy took his first shower since moving in on 11th September.
  15. Well that just shows how much respect they have for their paying customers. I won't be creating any archive moments for this apartment until they stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about the viewing experience of the people that are paying their wages.
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