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  1. stanley

    Juliet (2019) Part #1

    Guest guy decides to take a shower. Guest guy still enjoying his shower Mid-shower, guest guy suddenly sees the camera. Oh shit, he thinks, I forgot about the cams, what do I do? Better grab my towel.
  2. stanley

    Tanya & Friends

    Gay sex from yesterday.
  3. stanley

    Tanya & Friends

    The shy guy that always covered his dick is becoming less shy now.
  4. stanley


    Looks like Sun is gone for good as he is no longer listed on the site.
  5. Welcome to Sophia & Aiden.
  6. There's a camera in the livingroom that isn't on the list. Either they've forgotten to add it or it isn't working yet.
  7. Latest update: 2nd January 2019 - Kalita, Brett, Viktoria, Adolf, Emily, Matilda & Martynas added Total = 289
  8. stanley

    Alex & Tony

    @LifeUnderCam I was watching the New Years Eve party at Alex & Tony's and the onscreen clocks are an hour wrong on this apartment as they welcomed in the New Year when your times said it was 11pm. Edit - Just looked back on replay and I think all the apartments have the wrong time as Lana & James party and Sasha & Peter party all celebrated midnight when the screen time said 11pm.
  9. stanley

    Monica & Cody

    @LifeUnderCam What is happening with Monica and Cody? I've not seen them online for all the time I've been a member. I just get the message " In this apartment technical works are carried out, come back later. "
  10. stanley

    Alex & Tony

    I love Alex & Tony. I subscribed to your site when they were added and have stayed because of them. They are a fun couple, always naked - they only wear clothes when they have guests, and they clearly love each other, I've rarely seen them have any arguements. They have guests over and parties. I wish the guests would stay overnight more often. The picture you posted has a 3rd person in the corner. I watched this at the time and they seemed to invite the guy over to watch them have sex. He arrived, sat and watched them whilst he jerked off and then left. I hope that next time a 3rd guy might join in with them. I would like to see Alex & Tony stay on your site for a long time and hope that you may add more gay apartments as well.
  11. stanley

    Inna & Jason

    I agree. It's disgusting that Inna gets away with what she did and Jason the victim is the one who leaves.
  12. stanley

    Tanya & Friends

    The old guy pointed at the camera at the window as soon as he walked in the room and the small guy covered it up with the curtain. The old guy either didn't see or wasn't bothered by the other 2 cams in the room.
  13. stanley

    Inna & Jason

    So Jason has gone away for a couple of days and and Inna is meeting up with another guy - is she cheating on Jason, so is she doing it with his blessing?
  14. stanley

    Tanya & Friends

    The small guy back in action this afternoon.