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Maya & Stepan


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On ‎2‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 6:42 AM, Halbadier said:

Not having been on the site in a while, I was extremely sorry to see that Maya and Stepan appear to have broken up. I always saw them as a loving and caring couple who were made for each other.

Does anyone have any enlightenment as to how the rift came about?

I don't think there was a rift.  Like a carton of milk, everything has an expiration date.  Here's my take:

I think for most of 2016 and 1st quarter of 2017, she (more then he) felt things were going stale (or the spark of love extinguished). I think they were just going through the motions (subconsciously feeling no need to continuously impress one another).  She stopped trying (as in making a fancy dinner, dressing for a night of romance, etc.) and he was just....Stepan.  He has/had always been stoic for the 4+ years that I've observed. I don't think he every bought her flowers or anything remote to what a b/f or husband does for his wife or g/f (to show appreciation).  I think she came to that realization early on but went with the flow as it was 'comfortable'.

Sometime early 2017 (I'm guessing March), she decided to look for love (w/o telling Stepan).  She needed affection (as we all do) and someone willing to "open a door" for her.  THAT...is why I think she cheated on Stepan with BT (as they were still a couple).

BT and Maya hooked up (don't know if by chance or cupid struck).  She and Stepan broke it off, had a convo, concluded they had a good thing going (free rent, utilities, etc). Many of us noticed she and Stepan were not boinking since Spring 2017 and when BT made his first appearance (August or September, 2017), well,...the rest is history.

Will BT move in???  Don't know. But as he's not at the apartment 24/7 and it seems he can be absent for 3-4 days at a time (too early to tell),  either he's going to school, has a job or in the military.  Any of those 3 choices makes him a better man than Stepan.

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