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Russian Military Grade Nerve Agent used in the UK

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Worrying news dear friends I have a feeling that the link to all Russian cam sites will be cut off in the coming days or weeks because of the attack in the UK of a former Russian Colonel and his daughter. A horrible chemical weapon was used 8 days ago and they are seriously ill in hospital along with a British Police Sargent who went to their aid. Also the British public in the area at the time could also be at risk from this attack.


Question: after all this time he and his daughter have been living in England... WHY?

If it is on Putin's orders this man is out of control.

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Latest news is the Russian diplomats (Ambassador) have not given any explanation about the nerve agent used in Salisbury.

Now 23 Russian Diplomats are to be expelled from the UK they have 1 weeks notice... tit for tat explusions on the cards.

It was said in UK Parliament by many ministers that we like the Russian people but not the crooks in charge.


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Beaking news....

Another Russian exile in London was found to be murdered due to compression of the neck and was then subsequently hanged afterwards to make it look like suicide. Who else would be killing exile Russians but other Russians on who's orders? !!!! I leave this up to you to decide.


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There is a Latin phrase "Cui Bono" which means "Who Benefits?" and really is the fundamental question when uncovering guilt. Really I cannot see anybody with an interest in killing a former Russian spy than the Russian state and the fact is he is far from the first. Believe or not many in the UK on the left are actually doubting Russia carried this out despite Putin having threatened former spies.

What makes them particular idiots is that they have not grasped that Russia is no longer the Soviet Union and has nothing to do with socialism. It is now a right wing dictatorship/plutocracy with Putin and a few rich leeches running an anti-democratic show. However these people like Corbyn have never got over their view that the great evil in the world is the United States because it is politically opposite to their views. No doubt the US (and indeed the UK) has made some huge mistakes in foreign policy and are still making them with their support for the Saudis which is more to do with supporting Israel, thus hating Iran and therefore backing its enemy who in reality are even worse. However the US is a democratic country who do at least attempt to have checks and balances on powers whereas their opponents are undemocratic aggressive expansionist fascists who one would have thought the left wing would be opposed to. However the left are every bit as susceptible to fake news as the right and will happy believe any BS fed them from old communists who have failed to read their updated CIA factbook to see Russia has fundamentally changed. 

This was a chemical weapons attack on NATO soil. I personally think the UK should break off relations with Russia and sequester all the money held by Putin supporters in the UK. This was virtually an act of war and Russia is very clearly the enemy.

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