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MIAMI..it's the final countdown..post.

MIAMI..the final countdown..vote please.  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Miami place..how much days will remain online?

    • Less than one month.
    • One to three months
    • It's Miami baby..will be up and rolling till end of times.

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  • Poll closed on 09/01/2018 at 05:36 PM

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1 minute ago, Amy3 said:

They invested too much time and money into this place to be done in less then a month. By 3 months at this rate they’ll be done I think.

What exactly have they invested in only cams and an apartment? I thought someone said it was Anthony's own apartment and cams anyway?

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Have to say I am surprised the poll option that it's "winning" it's..one to three months,but I kinda can see the reason given(the investment etc),But honestly I don't see them lasting that much,must be the worst residents(in close tie with the nothings)but those were young and hot,an thing Miami place isn't.I think it's another proof that opening places tiking exclusively in them and not(even if only an little)in viewers it's an bad bad ideia.Just an curious fact..from what i seen their guest didn't took an single shower on cams and sleeps in one of the bedrooms without cam..it's an lose lose situation.

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5 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

Indeed VHTV doesn’t kick managers out because of low earnings. They simply let that work itself out on it own. There does  come a point where exposing one’s self to the internet for very little money starts to make people second guess if it’s worth it. I think they’ll be off within 3 months. 

I think most of us that are users of this cam site think the same as you(not all but a lot),only way that place would compensate being online for residents (making nice profit)was with some big changes..put cams in th rooms without cams(they have at least two bedrooms and an second bathroom without any cam)..the cams positions..put the cams in better position and close view of "action",right now the cam position it's terrible and very far.But honestly they will never correct this..Miami place it's exactly like cath&john.Personaly would be surprised if they lasted that much.

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Really close poll votes till now..right now the option..less than one month it's in front,but in close call to the option..one to three months.In end of poll i will make an "contest" between all participants and winner will get anflamingo GIFpink flamingo,shipped directly from sunny Miami.

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