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Creating Multiple Accounts on CamCaps


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20 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

@StnCld316 Is it against the forum rules to create multiple accounts? If not, couldn't someone just create a bunch of accounts and then rep themselves to get free stuff here? 

Just curious! I have no intentions of doing this.


Nothing in the Rules prevents any Member from having Multiple Accounts.  Reputations only go up when you click the Like or Up Vote Button.  Reputation has nothing to do with the Points Collected from Posting.

Regular Members can only give 60 Reputations over a 24 Hour Period where a Premium Member has an Unlimited Amount.

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Just now, Amy3 said:

Aha! Yes, the cap. But still someone could potentially manipulate the system. I guess it would be pretty obvious and you could take care of it. 

Personally, I have 2 accounts, but I only use one for a particular purpose. I'm not running around repping my own posts or anything like that. 

Quite a few Members have secondary accounts. If they happen to get Locked out of one Account they can still get on to communicate and get the Locked Account Unlocked. That does not happen often but it does happen.  The Member would have to answer some Questions for Security Purposes so we know if it's the True Account Holder of the Locked Account.  Some created Multiple Accounts when there was Contests running earlier on but we know if the Member has Multiple Accounts and are using it for personal Gain.

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I remember when there were several members that had several accounts each and would sit and ague with themselves just to create discussion. It would pull others into the discussion or argument as it may be. That was originally how the political threads got started. Now look at what they blossomed into being.

Ain't I a stinkah!

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