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Top 5 movies to watch when not on CamCaps

van the man

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I wore out the Men in Black VHS tape. Yeah, tape. I'm not sure if video discs were even out then. CD's were, but not sure of DVD. MiB 2 sucked and 3 was great. Not really a movie person, but there were a few TV Series' that I liked.

I think The Sopranos was my favorite. Blacklist is good and NCIS is on the top of the list. NCIS LA isn't all that great. The characters don't flow with each other.

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Guest Squirrel

The Lives of Others

Naked Lunch

Moroder's version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis

Just about anything done by Boorman or Kubrick, including Zardoz, Excalibur, A Clockwork Orange, and 2001

Apocalypse Now

oops--- did I leave out Casablanca? (I plan to cast Nora in the remake...Lora's cat is booked up...)

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Guest NullBurner

UHF (from and with Alfred Matthew 'Weird Al' Yankovic)

Naked Lunch (David Cronenberg is one of the best)

The Color Purple (One of the best movies with Whoopi Goldberg)

All Back To The Future movies


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Favorite Movies

1. Where the Red Fern Grows (Original)(Book is even better)

2. Unforgiven

3. Good Morning, Vietnam (Robin Williams is my favorite actor)

4. Star Wars (All 6 movies)

5. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Favorite TV shows

1. Eureka

2. NCIS series (Original, LA, RED)

3. The Big Bang Theory

4. Wagon Train

5. Gunsmoke (seen 573 of 635 episodes)

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Guest Squirrel

Yes, 'Das Boot' was great. It was a career boost for many German actors and the big break for some of them.

    U-boat life was certainly dangerous and miserable. This movie was seriously powerful, perfectly done, and quite historically accurate.

    When Germans make a great movie, they kick serious ass--two of my top five list movies are German, and one of them is considered the "big daddy" of science fiction.

    If you have not seen "The Lives of Others," regardless of your national location, I suggest you do so if you want to understand why some American and German citizens are now so deathly paranoid about surveillance.

    Hell, maybe I should have put THX1138 on my list. Luca's best movie. Originally billed as science-fiction, it's now pretty much how my government will be operating by 2016...

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