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Leora - General Chat Topic 2019 #4


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Although it may be quite good for the intriguing and attractive woman's relationship with her guy to seem to be going as good as ever aside from currently being apart, if the situation were considered to be hypothetical and she was now own her own and single, it would imo be considered quite nice to be in some way privileged to run into her somewhere and to meet her, and to then strike up a conversation enough to become friends with her, and to eventually even become involved in an even closer relationship with the intriguing and attractive woman. It also certainly would be quite nice to have her travel with me, or visit and even stay with me for as long as she wanted. I would certainly do whatever it took to keep her company, yet give her however much personal space she wanted, and would attempt to give her whatever she wanted to feel satisfied. Although it may be highly unlikely, it certainly is nice to dream. But, if there is ever a way of knowing if she ever becomes single and some way to make contact with her, won't say I wouldn't try.

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