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Reallifecam apartments geographically


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1 hour ago, waffel said:

Can anyone tell me where the different RLC-apartments are situated?

Compliments of Noldus in the Thread just above this one you created. 


The locations 

Girls on Vacation - B #1 - (09/16/18)          Barcelona
Girls on Vacation - B #2 (08/02/16)             Barcelona
Girls on Vacation - B #4 (27/11/17)             Barcelona
B5 Angelina & Arnold
Nelly& Bogdan (06/11/19)
Martina & Alberto (04/15/17)                          Barcelona
Carla & Yanai (07/02/19)                                    Barcelona
Linda & Tibor (01/15/17)                                    Prague 
Asia & Hakeem (05/15/19)                               Prague (English speaking couple)
Ulyana & Marat (07/11/19) COV                      Prague (Russian speaking couple)
Leora (08/14/19)                                                     Prague (Russian speaking)
Masha (10/13/15)                                                  Rome    (Russian speaking)

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11 hours ago, StnCld316 said:

Not really.  There are a lot more interesting places too go to than Spain that offer better attraction settings.  

Running with the Bulls doesn't seem like a fun activity.  :biggrin:

run body GIF   You mess with the bull you get the horns, don't guess he ran fast enough.

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