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Ema & Dean

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2 hours ago, Amy3 said:


Das ist die Wohnung von Rita und Tom - bis vor wenigen Tagen auf Camarads.

Rita ist eine heisse Maus - er war mal top - seit Monaten eine Schlafmütze. Rita traurig und Kampf.

Viel Glück im neuen Programm. Vielleicht hilft es ihm (seinem Schwanz) wieder "standfest" zu werden 😁

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Ich kenne die rauchende HEISSE Rita von Camarads nur ohne Höschen.

Jeden Tag Sex auch bei Menstruation - Blut ohne Ende.

Dann ein Break - er wollte oder konnte nicht mehr. Langeweile - sie hat

nur noch masturbiert und hatte Streit mit dem "Mann".

Hier auf der neuen Seite soll nun von heute auf morgen alles top werden?? Ich habe Zweifel.


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How cam you got nice pictures from living room. From two cameras wich mean to be free, now one is locked WHYYYYY???? and the other camera is aut & offline not working properly.I wonder who decide to lock (cam 2)  in living room and to give us other camera in dressing room. A herd from security source, that Ema & Dean have instructions not to be naked in front of free cameras only camera who are locked for premium users, for free cameras only small nakedness. That is wery shame from voyeurhouse owner. And we all now that owner of site eran huge amount of money every month. In camarads.com both cameras in living room were free. And dont forget ( CAMARADS.COM & VOYEURHIUSE.COM) have same ovner. Let all of us who watch voeyurhouse.com and who watch Ema & Dean, they only worth to be watched. Bathrom camera locked thats ok, bedroom camera locked thats ok but - let all of us demand from ovner of site voyeurhouse.com to let other  (cam 2) in living room to be feee as it use to be free. We are not in position to become premium users because cost of life living is to expecncve. I pay 280€ bills every month, living in small flet, water, electricitiy and other tings you must pay if you want to live. And from my monthly payment to me it remains only 35€ to buy food every month, and where are medacaments and cost of an doctor. We are not rich, only rich people can afford to be premium users. Please please please give us back  (CAM 2) in living room to be free as it means to be. Instead of living room lock the dressing room if you want. A'm writing this in front of milions people who watch voyeurhouse.com and who cant afford  to become an premium users. Best regards and in hope you that you will come out to us at.

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Guest hacıvat

fantazi yapıyorlar. adam karısını kumarda kaybedecek.misafir adamın karısını sikecek. adamda hepsini sikecek.olay yalıda geçiyor.

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