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Transvoyeur Jacquie

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42 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

PSA folks! Posture...think about it or suffer the consequences. 👩‍⚕️

Seems to be the thing of todays world.  I offer no Sympathy or Empathy to them. They're dumb enough to do the stuff then suffer the consequences somewhere along the line.  

I live in an 150 Apartment Complex and I see it everyday. I never associate with anyone. I just keep to myself.  If someone is lying on the floor in the hall unresponsive then I just go around them and carry on like I never seen anything. There are No Laws in Canada that says you have to help save anyone when their Tickets about to Expire.  The Housing Corporation came to everyone's door to give each resident a Naloxone Kit awhile back and I told them to keep it I am not interested. 

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1 minute ago, Amy3 said:

This has to be the comment of the day. 🤣🤣🤣

A lot of the people in the building I am in they all live alone.  Most times things happen when they are inside their residence so no one can help them anyways.

I have some girls come to my Apartment to get a Bag of 200 Cigarettes.  I know they don't have the ability to pay as their mostly on Welfare so if they want the Bag of Cigarettes bad enough all they have to do is provide me some Lip Service in Lieu of Payment.  A bag is only worth $10 so they're getting a Deal and their Vitamins all at the same time.  Saves me from going to Macs Milk Parking Lot to pick up a Lot Lizard that charges $40 for the same service.

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