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Guest lulek

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Guest Squirrel

I was up to 5 for a while. Once they join the family, they're here to stay til the end. We're down to one now and she likes being the 'only child'.

  :) Well, it appears the Joker has a kind heart after all. We rodents really appreciate animal lovers.

(Or is it "afterall?" or "afterall"? Damn vodka...wreaks havoc with one's grammar...and til should be 'til, to signify that the "un" has been dropped from the contraction. Thank you and have a nice day.  ;))

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Guest friedel

ich würde meinen hund nicht bei den beiden abgeben,der würde es nicht gut haben.Man sieht es ja na ihren eigenden,

nur 1 biß 2 mal am tag für eine halbe draußen.

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